Josephus: (38-107) A Jewish historian, and author of the “Jewish War” and “The Jewish Antiquities.” Josephus recorded the existence of Jesus and early Christianity, his work is significant as a non-biblical record.

A Roman portrait bust said to be of Josephus

A Roman portrait bust said to be of Josephus

Jerome: (340-420) Prolific author. In his letter to Pammachius and Oceanus, he becomes a critic of Gnostics and Origen, although he is known to have studied the works of Valentinus, Marcion, Menander, and others. “On the ground taken by these persons we have no right to condemn Valentine, Marcion, or the Cataphrygians, or Manichaeus, none of whom are named by the council of Nicea,
and yet there is no doubt that in time they were prior to it.” (New Advent)

Saint Jerome in his Study (1480 — Church of Ognissanti, Florence)

Domenico Ghirlandaio : Saint Jerome in his Study (1480 — Church of Ognissanti, Florence)

Jesus: (?-33 CE) The Son of Joseph and Mary, and brother of James the Just, regarded as the founder or person for whom Christianity was formed Also called Saviour.

Jeu: Character in “The Pistis Sophia” designated as the “Overseer of the Light” and angel of the ‘Lord.’ (See also Bruce Codex: “Books of Jeu.”) Jeu is the name used for God in “Jue, Book One.” The book is a description to a meditation schema, apparently for the process or training for Gnosis.

John the Baptist: (5 B.C. 33 A.D.) Jewish prophet who in the New Testament baptized and prepared the way for Jesus. He was executed by Herod Antipas at the behest of Herod’s daughter Salome. According to Heracleon John was a Levite. His father was Zacharius who officiated as a Priest in the Jewish Temple. His mother was Elizabeth, sister of Mary mother to Jesus. Among his followers were Dositheos, Matthias, Simon Magus, and many other disciples and witnesses to Jesus. See; ”The Cave of John the Baptist,” by Simon Gibson, Doubleday, 2004. Mandaeans believe John the Baptist, called Yahya in the

Sidra d-Yahia (Book of John), was the last and greatest of the prophets. While Mandaeans agree that he baptized Jesus (Yeshu), they reject the latter as either a saviour or prophet. And they viewed John as the only true Messiah.

Justin Martyr: (100-165 C.E.) From Asia Minor. Teacher of Tatian, student of Platonic philosophy, and a Christian apologist. Wrote “Dialogue with the Jew Tryphon. “He was certainly not a genius nor an original thinker.” A true eclectic, he draws inspiration from different systems, especially from Stoicism
and Platonism. Weizsäcker (Jahrbücher f. Protest. Theol., XII, 1867, 75. New Advent.) Is known to have tried to study from a Pythagorean teacher who turned him down because he did not know music. (New Advent)

St. Justin Martyr

St. Justin Martyr

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