Aberamentho: A name used for/by Jesus, in the Sethian text ”Pistis Sophia,” describing him as merged with Thoth-Hermes because Jesus calls on God while standing upon the water. It is a trajectory that merges the Hebrew ‘abyr mym’ (power of waters) with the Greek form of the Egyptian God Thoth and is found in Book IV of the Codex ”Askewianus.” {Thoth is associated with Logos, the power of Word, as Ra’s scribe/translator. It is also a formula for Seth-Typhon and can be found in the Demotic Leiden Papyrus and other magical papyri following the Egyptian XXVI dynasty. (Source; Dr. Jack Kilmon.) See; ”Sethianische Verfluchtungstafeln aus Rom Wünsch, Richard. Leipzig: B.G Teubner, 1898. In 1870, a collection of ancient Sethian tablets inscribed with Greek and Latin Typhonian spells and curses was discovered buried near the famous Appian Way in Rome. There are other texts identified as Sethian from the Egyptian brother of Osiris, see; http://home.iprimus.com.au/btheos/articles/LM-Egypt.htm



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