We do not say something is true because it is logical, we say that it is logical because it is true; we perceive a greater truth beyond logic since we have the intuition of it intellectually –Intellection being a kind of seeing and not a conclusion–but it is necessary for us to refer to logic as soon as we wish to explain something, unless we express ourselves by means of a symbol, but the symbol is a suggestion aiming at intuition, not an explanation addressing itself to thought.

From the Divine to the Human: A New Translation with Selected Letters (Writings of Frithjof Schuon)

While romanticized literature describes the Grail as a chalice, this is a much later derivation, extrapolating from Celtic tradition in which the Grail is described as a platter. Many vessels would have passed through the hands of Jesus in his short lifetime…probably humble clay and wooden bowls such as the famous Nanteos Bowl. This medieval relic, long kept sequested in Wales, is thought to be made of olive wood, and was originally revered in Glastonbury Abbey. According to tradition it was secretly carried away to avoid plundering by agents of Henry VIII. The Nanteos relic is a fragment of wooden bowl credited with miraculous healing powers, with well-attested healing effected as recently as the 1950’s. This also is not the Grail, such a humble vessel with proven powers would perhaps be a stronger candidate for having been used by Jesus. Many manifest vessels can hold Grail power, according to human intention, attunement, and practice, but no single one is the Grail itself.


The Hidden Adept & The Inner Vision


A  Parable of the Spirit


St Joseph of Arimathea




If only this did not relate to numerous people in my life at the moment… lol oh well, can’t change them, when it is their own internal battle, their own lack. A baby will eventually soil it’s diapers, a hateful, spiteful, ungrateful, manipulative personage will soil their diaper too…although as they are so oblivious they’ll probably sit in their own feces and not notice the difference…..

Sometimes kitty’s are so honest… at least their malice is only over kibble, belly rubs and how much wool you dangle in front of their face….

We and God are not two separate existences; therefore the will of God is also our own will. If we want to change, then God will not stop us from changing. The poet Nguyen Du put it like this:
“When necessary, the heavens will not stand in the way of humans.
The result of past actions can be lifted,
future causes and conditions can be created.”
The real question is, do we want to change or not?

Do we want to hold on to the lure of suffering and let our minds wander around in dreams? If in your heart you want to change, then whatever spiritual being you believe in will also be happy for you to change.

Families work the same way; no person is completely separate. If the son or daughter changes, then the father and mother will also change. If the energy arises from the son or daughter and effects a change in them first, then it will also produce a change in the heart of the father and mother some time later. Families are not made up of completely separate entities. Even if God has predisposed things to be a certain way, we can still change because, as the Bible says, “we are children of God” (I John 3:2).

What is the relationship between the creator and the creature? One has the ability to create and the other is what is created. If they are connected to each other then we can talk about them as subject and object. If they are not connected to each other, how can we call them subject and object? The subject that creates is God; the object created is the universe in which we live. Between the subject and the object there is a close relationship, just as there is a close relationship between left and right, night and day, satisfaction and hunger; just as, according to the law of reflection, the perceiver and the perceived have a very close link.

When the angle of incidence changes, the angle of reflection will change immediately. What we call the will of God is linked to our own will. That is why the retribution of our past actions can be changed.

— Thich Nhat Hanh (The Energy of Prayer: How to Deepen Your Spiritual Practice)


Lord, who made the lion and the lamb,
You decreed I should be what I am;
Would it spoil some vast eternal plan,
If I were a wealthy man?


Permission is given to every human being. If one chooses to incline himself to a path of goodness and be righteous, the right is in his hands. If one chooses to incline himself to a path of evil and be wicked, the right is in his hands.

Mishneh Torah by Moses Maimonides

The gift of giving this holiday is to give. When we give, we give of ourselves, we give our very selves. Money is ultimately not that important it is the thought behind it. When loved ones around you… repeatedly give for the sake of reward, they are brown nosing. Giving is about intention, consideration. To give is to seek no reward, you are telling another that you love them. Brown nosing is for the spiteful, shallow and contemptible.
It’s a real shame when loved ones act like brown nosers, they only show their own inner lack, their inner childishness and perhaps their inner ugliness. Brown nosers are often totally oblivious that life exists or can happen any other way. Be glad if you know only one or two brown nosers. Much better to surround yourself with people that actually consider each other….. You know? That silly thing, called love….
Life is a journey in consciousness. In truth, God is always one and we are always one with God and with each other. The problem is that we don’t know that truth. This is a critical point. We are always one with the ultimate—our work is to achieve an awareness of that truth. This awareness is the ecstatic experience of ultimate love.
This helps us understand the true meaning of the command¬ment “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18).
How can we be commanded to have feelings of love toward another person? What if we simply have nothing in common? What if we seriously disagree over many political and social is¬sues? How can we be expected to love people who are so different from ourselves?
The commandment is actually telling us that in reality we are already one, and we can definitely experience that to be true and feel the love. However, to achieve this realization we must act in ways that express and reveal that truth. This is the theme of all the commandments dealing with interpersonal relationships.
This is the same dynamic behind the commandment to love God. We are already one with God. But we need to acknowledge that in what we think, say, and do. Then we will feel it. This is the theme of all the commandments dealing with our relationship to God.

David Aaron (The Secret Life of God: Discovering the Divine within You)


the waking have one common world, but the sleeping turn aside each into a world of his own. It is not right to act and speak like men asleep. If you do not expect the unexpected, you will not find it.

–thomas merton



Before the mountains had been shaped,

before the hills, I was brought forth,

When he had not made the earth and fields,

or the world’s first bits of soil.

When he established the heavens, I was there;

when he drew a circle on the face of the deep,

when he made firm the skies above,

when he established the fountains of the deep,

when he assigned to the sea its limit,

so that the waters might not transgress his command,

when he marked out the foundations of the earth,

then I was beside him, like a master worker,

and I was daily his delight,

rejoicing before him always,

rejoicing in his inhabited world

and delighting in the human race.

–prov 8:25-31


Our lady of rats

Our lady of wings

Our lady of smokes

Our lady of night

Our lady of smiles

Our lady of silence

Our lady of sickles

Our lady of womblight

Out lady of vulturine virginity

Our lady of vagina swamped

Oh with starlight and tears

This is the signature of all things

Signs written in crossedged eyes

Some parting spoken with tongue on teeth

Our lady of horsies

Our lady of love

Our lady of kaleidoscopes

Our lady of gold

Of stars and of blood

Our lady of laughter

Mother mine made of mashines

Our lady of lips

Our lady of dust

Our lady of dusk

Our lady of dirt

This is the signature of all things

Signs written in crossedged eyes

Some parting spoken with tongue on teeth

Our lady of horsies.

Our lady of destruction

Our lady of disolution

Our lady of desire

Our lady of deathage

Our lady who lays in the licorice night,

our lady who burns in the trickling night

Our lady of cancels

Our lady of candles

Of craps and of stoals

Our lady appearing.

This is the signature of all things

Signs written in crossedged eyes

Some parting spoken with tongue on teeth

Our lady of horsies

Our lady appearing in Rocking Horse Night

Our lady who falls and falls again into fields of rape

Our lady of breathing, of breaths

Who holds me in her secret cold spaces

Our lady who wheels in sadness

Our lady who waits in silence

This is the signature of all things

Signs written in crossedged eyes

Our lady who speaks in the dark

Our lady of horsies.

Our lady who dances in gaps

Our lady who dances in emptiness

Our lady of thorns

Our lady of sores

Our lady of wounds

Our lady of aid

Our lady of love

Who waits always through all pain

Our lady of loves and of lovers

This is the signature of all things,

Signs written in crossedged eyes

Some parting spoken with tongue on teeth

Our lady of horsies

Our lady of rape

Our lady of the rape

Our lady of the lost and the hopeless, the forgotten

Of the conquering and the conquered

Of the sightless and the starless

This is the signature of all things,

Signs written in crossedged eyes

Some parting spoken with tongue on teeth

Our lady

Our lady of stalls

Our lady of mangers

With the world in her womb

Our lady of gallows

Of crickets and robins

Of rough and raw roaring

Of the silent and circling

Of the stags and the deers that wait in her forest


This is the signature of all things

Signs written in crossedged eyes

Some parting spoken with tongue in teeth

Our lady of trenches

Our lady of leverance

Who suffers in all things

Who rejoices on all things

Who gives birth to all things

Who gives death to all things

Our lady of purpose

Of hiring and hearing

Our lady of deaths heads

Of fools and of gold

Aneamic laughter of lady of cries

Of lady of christ

Our lady of crutches

Who waits for me at the end, the end

When I fall she shall wait for me

Our lady of smiles

Our lady of hope

All my love for you burns strong

You shall not desert me