This pre-eminence of the Creative Feminine as epiphany of divine Beauty was expressed in admirable paradoxes she was apprehended on the metaphysical plane of eternal birth and on the plane of second birth, the birth which by modeling the mystic’s being on this preeminent Image, causes the supreme secret of spiritual life to flower within him. Sometimes Ibn ‘Arabi seizes upon simple lexicographical or grammatical facts, which for him are not inoffensive matters of language but disclose a higher metaphysical reality, and treats them with the methods of a highly personal philology, which may well baffle a philologist but are eminently suited to the detection of symbols.

In a hadith of the prophet, he notes a grave breach of grammatical convention: in disregard of a fundamental rule of agreement the feminine outweighs the masculine in the sentence. This is the point of departure for remarks which were to be amplified by the commentators. Ibn ‘Arabi points out that in Arabic all terms indicating origin and cause are feminine. Thus we may assume that if the sentence attributed to the Prophet is grammatically incorrect, it is because the Prophet wished to suggest that the Feminine is the origin of all things. And indeed the origin or source of anything is designated in Arabic by the word umm, “mother.” This is the most striking case in which a lexicographical fact discloses a higher metaphysical reality.

–Henry Corbin (Alone with the Alone)


What I like about the following passage is that it speak very much of my nearest and dearest and her philosophy. Yet, as far as I am aware she has never read this passage. What I like about such passages is it is written by someone who knows that which they write of. It is also a window into many perspectives, so from a purely just wanting to learn stance, this is an interesting exploration of tradition. As such with an open mind, I think any one of any spiritual or not background when facing the big questions in life…can enjoy the passage…


All actions bear fruit of one kind or another whether we are aware of those fruits or not. To every action there is a reaction, and this principle j not only a law of classical physics but also holds true morally and cosmically. That is what the traditions that came from India call the law of karma. Our good acts bear positive fruit even if not immediately, and our evil acts have negative consequences that boomerang upon us sooner or later. The great moralist Persian poet who lived in the thirteenth century, after whom Ralph Waldo Emerson named one of his most famous poems, that is, Sa‘di, said:

Do a goodly act and cast it into the Tigris River,
For God will recompense thee in the desert.

The spiritual person who seeks the Garden, however, performs an jet of goodness not for the sake of recompense but because of goodness tself, leaving the rest in the Hands of God. To be able to have the cor¬rect spiritual attitude toward action, one must become detached from 3e fruits of action. Detachment is a cardinal virtue required before :ne advances on the path. One must act for the sake of the Truth and a total detachment from the fruits of the act. This is of course much more easily said than done. There is a famous story in the Mathnawi of Rumi that epitomizes the correct spiritual attitude toward selfless and detached action. It begins with the verse:

Learn from ‘All sincerity in action,
Know that the Lion of God is untainted by blemish.

In a battle ‘Ali confronted a powerful enemy and after a fierce fight was able to throw the enemy to the ground and sit on his chest with his sword drawn. At this moment the enemy warrior spat in ‘Ali’s face, whereupon ‘Ali immediately disengaged himself and abstained from delivering a blow with his sword. The enemy warrior, who was an idol worshipper, had never seen such an event. He became agitated and asked ‘Ali why he had not killed him. The response of ‘Ali, which in the verses of the Mathnawi constitutes one of the masterpieces of Sufi poetry, was that ‘Ali was fighting at first for the preservation of the Truth, but once the enemy warrior spat in his face ‘Ali became angry, and he would never react on the basis of anger and certainly not get into a battle or slay someone for personal or selfish reasons. In Rumi’s words,

‘Ali responded:
Said he, “I wield the sword for the sake of the Truth,
I am the servant of the Truth not the functionary of the body.
I am the lion of the Truth, not the lion of passions,
My action does witness bear to my religion.”

‘Ali is said to have been the founder of spiritual chivalry (futuwwah
in Arabic and jawanmardi in Persian), and this story bears witness to what constitutes the very essence of chivalry, namely, sincere and de¬tached action devoted to a noble cause. Chivalry combines action with selflessness, actions devoid of worldly motifs or tainted by vices such as anger, covetousness, lust for power, or thirst for revenge. It is far from accidental that in Islam orders of chivalry became integrated into cer¬tain schools of Sufism and that within the Sufi tradition it is expected that those who aspire to march upon the path to the Garden of Truth possess the virtue of chivalry.
There is much talk of jihad today, both in the West and among cer¬tain Muslim extremists, most of whom are unaware of their own tradi¬tion. The word jihad means not war but exertion in the path of God. And then there is, according to a well-known saying of the Prophet, the inner or greater jihad, which is the constant battle of the followers of the spiritual path to correct the imperfections of their soul and make it worthy of inhabiting the Garden. This is the highest form of inner action. There is also the lesser jihad, which can include war to defend oneself, one’s family, one’s nation, and one’s religion. From the spiritual point of view, however, even this kind of jihad must be selfless, detached, and not caused by anger or hatred. The fact that this story about‘Ali takes place on a battlefield, as does the great Hindu classic the Bhagavad Gita, demonstrates that selfless and detached action must extend to even that most trying and violent form of human action that is war.
Detachment from the fruits of one’s actions is not unrelated to the Chinese doctrine of wu-wei, that is, to act without acting.Our ordinary actions plunge our souls into the cosmic chain of actions and reactions, or the chain of karma, as the Hindus would say. But that is because of our attachment to the fruits of our actions and the loss of the contem¬plative spirit, which reduces the soul to a substance that identifies itself solely with acts rather than with being, with preference for action over contemplation. But to act without acting requires also

that one die before dying, as asserted in the famous Prophetic tradition, “Die before you die.” It means to detach our will from our passions and impetus toward external actions and surrender it to God. The sage acts without acting like a lamp that illuminates its surroundings by simply existing.
The sage contemplates and lives in the dimension of inwardness and by virtue of that interiority has a sympatheia with the inner reality of other beings and then acts upon them in the deepest sense without external action. The sage demonstrates in his or her reality the precedence of
being over all external accidents and the priority of contemplation over action. But the sage nevertheless does act, and his or her acts are selfless, detached, and based upon sincerity, goodness, compassion, and truthfulness.

“The first casualty of war is the truth”

It never fails for me to be slightly amazed at humanity.  Paris Hilton became famous cause daddy’s rich,  her sis was on tv and millions saw her on tape giving a blow job. Then as now,  we as a collective people carry on like lemmings falling off a cliff.  Gawd bless Kim and Kanye and whoever is flavor of the next second long internet meme. Lemmings.

Millions now continue to act like lemmings. All forgetting their past.  But why should we teach kids today the nature of persuasion and propoganda?  In Nazi Germany millions were convinced that it was ok to take part in genocide. Your average person tends to need some heavy convincing to help slaughter millions.

How are people convinced that it really is ok to help commmit genocide? Through lies. Persuasion is a powerful tool. Propoganda has been used by humanity,  probably forever.  Chief architect for the third reich Goebbels,  through satire in the form of print media and cinema helped strip the Jews of their humanity.  Helping to bolster the big nosed,  crooked chinned image,  juxtaposed with actual rats… (nice movies)  the Nazi party convinced Germany it was ok to hate.

If you insult,  malign,  spread hate… not once,  not twice but for years toward 1.5 billion people… would you not expect some reprocussions?

International law,  especially in Europe because of World War II,  has laws,  laws differentiating free speech from hate. Look it up,  world law differentiates between the two. One thing Europe DID learn from the Nazi party,  “never again… ”

Today though,  people prefer their latest meme. If Paris Hilton can build a career based on the foundation of fame she got from sucking a penis on film…. Then the French can clearly build sympathy and declare freedom of speech built on a foundation of hate.  For that is what this is….

But humanity runs off like lemmings,  perpetuating and help bolstering hate.  The Nazi party was doing great work. Without the deaths of millions we wouldnt have the soda called Fanta (invented by CocaCola for the Nazi party) or the VW beetle/bug.  Herbie is a Nazi invention,  or due to medical experimentation on live people would we know so much about what NOT to do during pregnancy.

But,  like lemmings humanity goose steps off a cliff… but then:

“there are several ways… to convince people”

(Throbbing Gristle,  convincing people,  album: 20 jazz funk greats)

The image below on the right is French hate propoganda potraying an Islamic woman with a burqa up her butt (a lot of thought and intelligence went into that… not)

Interestingly Faux News is saying the home of last years peace prize winner Malala,  is a terrorist hot bed. Take that you filthy peace prize winner,  fox has you coverd… and knows all about Birmingham. Lemmings.

Baaa baaaa baaa baaa baaa baa



Through these eyes
I deny on all I see
Through these eyes
It looks like I’m home tonight

What you said made a mess of me
What you said, I don’t want

… ..

Thought for the day.  For me deliberate wilful ignorance is something that is largely indefensible.  Be it climate change,  politics,  sociology or any numerous things that homosapiens enjoy as living sentient beings.

When presented with tools to emerge from ignorance,  if we choose to ignore them,  then that is deliberate wilful ignorance.

But then,  thats choices we have,  to remain uninformed and to carry on defending the indefensible, 

today it being the cry of freedom of expression… defend systematic instituionalused hate. Believe me,  that is what is occurring in France,  there is plenty of evidence to support this. I am not nor will I ever support murder.

Often I feel sad to be an American. Today, is one.  However I am “comforted” in knowing the wilful ignorance of the past few days is far from just American.

After the events in France,  and the constant reminder of the rise of neo nazi sentiment overseen  by France’s Le Pen (look up the decades long instution of hate that father and now daughter) and my overall dismay with those that defend free speech allowing institutionalzed hatred to exist and grow,  which is against UU principles…. Imo

I am frankly deeply saddend by my fellow UUs at my church. It appears they really are just a bunch of ignorant privallaged white people. I hope I am wrong. So far, today has only shown me, UUs at my church will defends the freedom of speech, even if its hate, even if it goes against the very 7 principles of UUism.

I repost the words of one of the greatst mystics that ever was.  My thoughts and prayers to all affected and hopes that the continued defense of extreme right wing sentiment is not continously defended by those in the know and those that clearly are ignorant.

…… .

My heart has become capable of all forms.

It is a meadow for gazelles and a monastery for Christian monks,

A temple for idols and pilgrim’s Ka’aba,

          The Tables of the Law and the book of the Koran.

I profess the religion of Love,

        and whatever direction

Its steed may take,

       Love is my religion and my faith.

–Ibn ‘Arabib

Agnoia; Literally “ignorance” or the act of not paying attention.

Agnosia; The state of not having insight or Gnosis.

Addendum my response elsewhere:

Mm lol thev”discussion” is such that, the satirists did wrong but shouldnt have been killed. The original discussion question was, were the satirists to blame, at all… even in a tiny way.

My initial answer was no. However with research, it was pointed out how long and how deep the propoganda/hate toward all major religions the satirists is/was. Which also are fully in line with the extreme right in France.

To me, that then is an answer of yes to the question are they to blame, even a little. The focus on those that said NO was the satirists didnt kill anyone.

My argument is to stay silent is not only aginst the seven principles, but that is what happend in Nazi Germany, chief propogandist Goebbels produced satire…. That help lead to the death of millions. He also did not kill anyone.

I always thought UUs stood for justice and the underdog. Perhaps I was wrong;id=50;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ekheper%2Enet%2Ftopics%2FGnosticism%2Findex%2Ehtml

If only this did not relate to numerous people in my life at the moment… lol oh well, can’t change them, when it is their own internal battle, their own lack. A baby will eventually soil it’s diapers, a hateful, spiteful, ungrateful, manipulative personage will soil their diaper too…although as they are so oblivious they’ll probably sit in their own feces and not notice the difference…..

Sometimes kitty’s are so honest… at least their malice is only over kibble, belly rubs and how much wool you dangle in front of their face….

We and God are not two separate existences; therefore the will of God is also our own will. If we want to change, then God will not stop us from changing. The poet Nguyen Du put it like this:
“When necessary, the heavens will not stand in the way of humans.
The result of past actions can be lifted,
future causes and conditions can be created.”
The real question is, do we want to change or not?

Do we want to hold on to the lure of suffering and let our minds wander around in dreams? If in your heart you want to change, then whatever spiritual being you believe in will also be happy for you to change.

Families work the same way; no person is completely separate. If the son or daughter changes, then the father and mother will also change. If the energy arises from the son or daughter and effects a change in them first, then it will also produce a change in the heart of the father and mother some time later. Families are not made up of completely separate entities. Even if God has predisposed things to be a certain way, we can still change because, as the Bible says, “we are children of God” (I John 3:2).

What is the relationship between the creator and the creature? One has the ability to create and the other is what is created. If they are connected to each other then we can talk about them as subject and object. If they are not connected to each other, how can we call them subject and object? The subject that creates is God; the object created is the universe in which we live. Between the subject and the object there is a close relationship, just as there is a close relationship between left and right, night and day, satisfaction and hunger; just as, according to the law of reflection, the perceiver and the perceived have a very close link.

When the angle of incidence changes, the angle of reflection will change immediately. What we call the will of God is linked to our own will. That is why the retribution of our past actions can be changed.

— Thich Nhat Hanh (The Energy of Prayer: How to Deepen Your Spiritual Practice)