Through these eyes
I deny on all I see
Through these eyes
It looks like I’m home tonight

What you said made a mess of me
What you said, I don’t want

… ..

Thought for the day.  For me deliberate wilful ignorance is something that is largely indefensible.  Be it climate change,  politics,  sociology or any numerous things that homosapiens enjoy as living sentient beings.

When presented with tools to emerge from ignorance,  if we choose to ignore them,  then that is deliberate wilful ignorance.

But then,  thats choices we have,  to remain uninformed and to carry on defending the indefensible, 

today it being the cry of freedom of expression… defend systematic instituionalused hate. Believe me,  that is what is occurring in France,  there is plenty of evidence to support this. I am not nor will I ever support murder.

Often I feel sad to be an American. Today, is one.  However I am “comforted” in knowing the wilful ignorance of the past few days is far from just American.

After the events in France,  and the constant reminder of the rise of neo nazi sentiment overseen  by France’s Le Pen (look up the decades long instution of hate that father and now daughter) and my overall dismay with those that defend free speech allowing institutionalzed hatred to exist and grow,  which is against UU principles…. Imo

I am frankly deeply saddend by my fellow UUs at my church. It appears they really are just a bunch of ignorant privallaged white people. I hope I am wrong. So far, today has only shown me, UUs at my church will defends the freedom of speech, even if its hate, even if it goes against the very 7 principles of UUism.

I repost the words of one of the greatst mystics that ever was.  My thoughts and prayers to all affected and hopes that the continued defense of extreme right wing sentiment is not continously defended by those in the know and those that clearly are ignorant.

…… .

My heart has become capable of all forms.

It is a meadow for gazelles and a monastery for Christian monks,

A temple for idols and pilgrim’s Ka’aba,

          The Tables of the Law and the book of the Koran.

I profess the religion of Love,

        and whatever direction

Its steed may take,

       Love is my religion and my faith.

–Ibn ‘Arabib

Agnoia; Literally “ignorance” or the act of not paying attention.

Agnosia; The state of not having insight or Gnosis.

Addendum my response elsewhere:

Mm lol thev”discussion” is such that, the satirists did wrong but shouldnt have been killed. The original discussion question was, were the satirists to blame, at all… even in a tiny way.

My initial answer was no. However with research, it was pointed out how long and how deep the propoganda/hate toward all major religions the satirists is/was. Which also are fully in line with the extreme right in France.

To me, that then is an answer of yes to the question are they to blame, even a little. The focus on those that said NO was the satirists didnt kill anyone.

My argument is to stay silent is not only aginst the seven principles, but that is what happend in Nazi Germany, chief propogandist Goebbels produced satire…. That help lead to the death of millions. He also did not kill anyone.

I always thought UUs stood for justice and the underdog. Perhaps I was wrong;id=50;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww%2Ekheper%2Enet%2Ftopics%2FGnosticism%2Findex%2Ehtml

Just in case there are those who refuse to be caught forever by ugliness and seek some alternative, the evil of cruelty makes its claims. Cruelty is something we recognize so easily as a physical activity, yet find so hard to identify in its finer but no less dangerous forms. It is essentially an intentional misuse of power by a strong entity toward a weaker one on the same plant’ of action. For instance, a helpless cripple could scarcely be physically cruel to a strong and healthy person, yet could very well be diabolically cruel mentally to the same person if he were intellectually vulnerable. Cruelty is only possible as a calculated discharge of destructive energy directed at feebler creature unlikely to retaliate effectively. Thus cruelty automatically implies cowardice as well.The motivation of cruelty is commonly again the artificial ego-enlargement resultant from its practice. It makes the little boy feel bigger when he kicks his baby brother. If we can make others frightened of us we seem larger by comparison to their shrinking. That is the secret of cruelty. A false sense of boost because of aggressive action which appears to avoid injurious reprisals. To hurt and kill some helpless and defenseless creature makes cruel people feel enormously powerful by contrast. They may even delude themselves for an instant that they are acting like gods. Taking their pathetic little share of life energy, they are willing to expend this on damaging the lives of weaker beings for the sake of supposing themselves more powerful than they truly are. None cry louder than such cowardly criminals when justified retribution rebounds on them. Nobody hates being hurt more than those who hurt with hate.

We need not always look for evident violence in order to recognize cruelty. It is possible to be extremely cruel in the “nicest and sweetest” ways. Staging little scenes deliberately to humiliate and hurt someone’s feelings while remaining righteously on the side of conventional virtue meanwhile. With the aid of a little intelligence people can contrive all sorts of cruelties yet themselves keep in the clear so far as rule books apply. Attendants in mental hospitals, for instance, have ample opportunity on these lines. So has anyone in charge of children or animals, or whoever is unable to hit back where it hurts most. Let those who think they could not be cruel examine what conscience they have within their own life-frameworks If we are still in human bodies then we are yet capable of cruelty in some degree or another. It is well to see this and convert our energies otherwise as we can.

–William G. Gray (Exorcizing the Tree of Evil)


If only this did not relate to numerous people in my life at the moment… lol oh well, can’t change them, when it is their own internal battle, their own lack. A baby will eventually soil it’s diapers, a hateful, spiteful, ungrateful, manipulative personage will soil their diaper too…although as they are so oblivious they’ll probably sit in their own feces and not notice the difference…..

Sometimes kitty’s are so honest… at least their malice is only over kibble, belly rubs and how much wool you dangle in front of their face….

We and God are not two separate existences; therefore the will of God is also our own will. If we want to change, then God will not stop us from changing. The poet Nguyen Du put it like this:
“When necessary, the heavens will not stand in the way of humans.
The result of past actions can be lifted,
future causes and conditions can be created.”
The real question is, do we want to change or not?

Do we want to hold on to the lure of suffering and let our minds wander around in dreams? If in your heart you want to change, then whatever spiritual being you believe in will also be happy for you to change.

Families work the same way; no person is completely separate. If the son or daughter changes, then the father and mother will also change. If the energy arises from the son or daughter and effects a change in them first, then it will also produce a change in the heart of the father and mother some time later. Families are not made up of completely separate entities. Even if God has predisposed things to be a certain way, we can still change because, as the Bible says, “we are children of God” (I John 3:2).

What is the relationship between the creator and the creature? One has the ability to create and the other is what is created. If they are connected to each other then we can talk about them as subject and object. If they are not connected to each other, how can we call them subject and object? The subject that creates is God; the object created is the universe in which we live. Between the subject and the object there is a close relationship, just as there is a close relationship between left and right, night and day, satisfaction and hunger; just as, according to the law of reflection, the perceiver and the perceived have a very close link.

When the angle of incidence changes, the angle of reflection will change immediately. What we call the will of God is linked to our own will. That is why the retribution of our past actions can be changed.

— Thich Nhat Hanh (The Energy of Prayer: How to Deepen Your Spiritual Practice)