If this metaphysical space is to be known,

such knowledge can be attained only by faith and grace,

not by ‘entering’ but by ‘being entered’

-this is so because the greater must reveal itself to the lesser.

Put differently, that which is immanently ‘Spirit’ can only be known receptively,

through its own intellective vision, and not any derivative faculty such as reason,

feeling or sensation. Reason can only discern conceptually,

at best reducing reality to a dualism of subject and object

(as in the case of Descartes) or catagorical postulate

(as in the case of Kant) or dialectic process

(as in the case of Hegel) – its ‘telos’ will tend to be utopian(as in the case of Marx),

fundamentalist( as in the cases of religious, political or secular dogmatism)

or anthropocentrically consencual (as in the case of Rousseau’s social contract);

while sensation or feeling even where elevated to

the level of empirical ‘science,’ can only discern reality as matter or as psyche,

quantitatively, thereby cutting it off from its transcendent

and qualitative roots, leading to an emphasis on hypertrophic subjectivism

(as in the case of Nietzsche), Psychologism(as in the case of Freud),

or reductive positivism(as in the cases of philosophical positivism and of scientism).

That which transcends us cannot be known reductively

but only by that transcendent faculty which is immanent in us-which in

Tradition is termed the ‘Intellect’

or the Self-knowing Spirit. To know is to discern BEING.

We must empty ourselves or our ‘self’ in order to know who we ARE.

We must return to the sacred emptiness of the space that is our

ontological core in order to know that which truly IS.

–M Ali Lakhani (the Distance between us, found in Sacred Web issue 31)

One day a young man full of much wisdom and knowledge decided to share his wisdom with the world.

He went out and travelled the world and met many people.

Try as he might he couldnt find anyone willing to listen to his special revelations.

He knew in his heart of hearts that he knew the secret to God, the universe and everything.

Finally after 40 years of travelling, he was now an old man. He had found no one who would simply listen to his revelations.

Then he found a dog. A faithful brown dog. As the man spoke the dog stood to attention and listend.

The man knew, at last, he had an audience.

Decades of spiritual revelations and insight poured forth from the mans lips, the dog listend and stood staring as the man spoke.

Finally the man had finished and excalimed “Do you understand my friend!!????”

The dog looked at him, sat down, begain licking himself and fell asleep.

Moral of the story:

no matter how you try to conceptualise things, there will always be something outside the realm of concept. Thus like the dog there will always be something you cannot coneptualize. The dog was told the secrets of the universe, but being a dog it was beyond his conceptualisation. Thus like the dog, there will always be something beyond the realm of modern science as science like the dog only deals with a very narrow set of parameters. To state that spiritual truths, realities can be relegated to science is to treat such realities as the conciousness of a dog. Of course that is not to say that secretly pink elephants are on mars…but that a yard stick is a yard stick and until it breaks free of itself, it is nothign more than a yard stick.

“The other is not a person;
If you mistake it for another, you are already way off.
Your child has wandered outside –
Give it a call; when it sees your face it will follow its parent.”