Mary Magdalen

While romanticized literature describes the Grail as a chalice, this is a much later derivation, extrapolating from Celtic tradition in which the Grail is described as a platter. Many vessels would have passed through the hands of Jesus in his short lifetime…probably humble clay and wooden bowls such as the famous Nanteos Bowl. This medieval relic, long kept sequested in Wales, is thought to be made of olive wood, and was originally revered in Glastonbury Abbey. According to tradition it was secretly carried away to avoid plundering by agents of Henry VIII. The Nanteos relic is a fragment of wooden bowl credited with miraculous healing powers, with well-attested healing effected as recently as the 1950’s. This also is not the Grail, such a humble vessel with proven powers would perhaps be a stronger candidate for having been used by Jesus. Many manifest vessels can hold Grail power, according to human intention, attunement, and practice, but no single one is the Grail itself.

The Hidden Adept & The Inner Vision


A  Parable of the Spirit

St Joseph of Arimathea




“‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life’, said Jesus. In order to interpret his idea correctly, we must assimilate these three words and re-form them into a unity. And how can we do that? With the help of the image of a river. At the source of a river there is a spring: that is truth. From the spring flows water, which is life. And gradually over time, water erodes a path, which is the way. Do you know why I based my philosophy on the three words love, wisdom and truth? It is because they are linked to Jesus’ words, ‘I am the way, and the truth, and the life.’

To begin with, then, there is the source (truth); from this source flows life (love), and the riverbed, or the path this water takes for its descent, is wisdom. Water comes from above, and it descends to bring us life. But to drink it in all its purity, we must go to seek it at the source. Water descends, but we will only receive all its blessings if, through prayer and meditation, we rise to the divine Source.”

The Exorcism of Mariamne’s Demons
Tom Saunders

The Bible in Mark, and Luke describe Mary Magdalene having demons exercised from her. ‘Luke’ is particularly aimed at disclosing the incident….

Luke 8: 2-3. “And certain women, which had been healed of evil spirits and infirmities, Mary called Magdalene, out of whom went seven devils…And Joanna the wife of Chuza Herod’s steward, and Susanna, and many others, which ministered unto him of their substance.”

The “Gospel of Mary” not only reflects Luke’s description but clarifies for the Gnostic how to deal with the seven devils, known as The Seven Forms of Wrath. In the Mary Gospel a Monadic set is disclosed in the text (Chapter eight) that ancient Gnostics would recognize immediately. The study of the Monad is essential to Gnostic transcendence. For the Sethian Gnostic, the Monad is an energy that permeates everything like the force of ‘Chi’ in the study of Chinese philosophy.

The system of the Monad used by the Sethian Christians and Pythagoreans before them, is used as a tool of meditation and contemplation. It is a method to examine how an action whether physical or mental can be measured or attributed to a cause and effect using the paradigm. It is virtually a study of the ‘Spirit’ and how it flows.

The system of study starts with understanding the function of the ‘void’ or empty space, used in contemplation. In a Sethian Monadology, anything that enters that empty space is connected to the Monad, i.e. Jesus. This is expressed in Gnostic Scripture, as ”Jesus is Silence.” (“A Valentinian Exposition”)

Sets form from the Monad, or One, and expand to the dyad, triad, tetrad etc. An energy generated from the Monad runs through the set like a form of current. This holds true for any size of sets. The sets have innate characteristics like electric elements in a parallel electric circuit. They have opposites like good and evil which are also constants in the makeup of Monadic sets. It is easy to see this energy in simple dualities going from pole to pole, and this is what denotes ‘balance’ between poles like positive and negative. If a set is a ‘positive,’ it has a negative opposite, and probably ‘like units.’

As sets get larger they get more complex as to how the polarity works within the set. At the level of the pentad (5), Sets are used like a circle to show how the units are interacting within the ‘magic’ circle, which the units form. Everything within this space can be measured (seen) through the process of identifying the particular type of a unit in a set, and how it interacts with other members of the set. Units of a set can act as an entire unit, independently, or as subsets.

This is a description of the Seven Forms of Wrath, from the “Gospel of Mary.”

”The first form is darkness, the second desire, the third ignorance, the fourth is the excitement of death, the fifth is the kingdom of the flesh, the sixth is the foolish wisdom of flesh, the seventh is the wrathful wisdom. These are the seven powers of wrath.” (Chapter 8, “Gospel of Mary”)

It is probably not an accident that some of the units like ‘excitement of death’ seem vague in what they might entail. Excitement of Death holds the ‘Tetrad’ position in the set, so probably, it has broad or multiple meanings including fear, panic, perhaps murder and bloodlust.

Sethians held that flesh or the body was matter. The Kingdom of the Flesh is probably a way to paraphrase the kenoma. (being imperfect trapped in matter) This is to say that the Kingdom of the Flesh is flawed from the Pleroma. Foolish Wisdom of the Flesh probably includes sexual matters, and other behaviors, some that might be abusive. Dark Side monadic sets, connote the extreme of pure evil.

All Sethian Monadic sets start with ‘Word,’ meaning ‘Jesus Wisdom,’ (Holy Spirit) and end with Knowledge, Wisdom, Gnosis, or an equivalent term that denotes ‘Gnostic’ knowledge. The lower sets from Tetrad on up, simply are not as useful as an “Ogdoad.” It is at this level that things become clear as to cause and effect, and things inside the ‘circle’ can be manipulated. This is what the Chinese learned about applying the Tai Chi, and Sethians learned about the Monad.

The first unit (The Monad) in a Monadic set is the Root, and works to create a unifying form of energy circulating into the set, something like ‘Chi,’ Jesus Wisdom. The last unit is the Gender unit, and this has the effect of a switch like in a parallel electric circuit to reverse the positive to negative, offense to defense, yin to yang, and ‘Bada,’ to ‘Bing.’ This means for the Gnostic, if Word, (Jesus) as always the Monad, he does no evil, even if using evil units.

Wrath, Darkness, Desire, Ignorance, Excitement of ‘Death,’ (Evil) Kingdom of the Flesh, Foolish Wisdom of the Flesh, and Wrathful Wisdom, are anti-Word. To fully contemplate the power and evil intent to the full extent may make this set if applied like a weapon, the deadliest kind of mental living hell. These units are the evil opposites of what Jesus would apply to both healing and wisdom.

The mechanics of how the Evil Ogdoad, or Eight Forms of Wrath works, is exactly like the karate fighter uses the tool of an Octagon, to be able to describe and manipulate physical and mental behavior of an opponent. In order to use the formula in the Seven(8) Forms of Wrath, the method must become reality to the Gnostic, and both the ‘light’ and ‘dark,’ become one and the same. Like the Karate Fighter, the Gnostic practices a deadly art but this is in order to lesson the necessity of having to use it.

The Karate Fighter who uses the Tai Chi has eight genus moves to describe, and catalogue the exact moves in a fight. These genus units are punching, kicking, grabbing, joint locks, throwing, choking/squeezing, groundwork, and counters. Each unit or genus represents thousands of techniques which can be used/seen interchangeably with every other genus. This is of course according to the law of physics, the Paradigm is always used with rational perimeters.

Any fight can be analyzed, and cataloged as to which genus move is visualized in sequences, inside the Octagon. Good fighters counter moves and matches last a long time. The Chinese have been using the Tai Chi model for this use for centuries. It enables anyone who knows the system to come to the same conclusions about what transpired in the Octagon.

The Gnostic must manipulate the ‘Forms’ like the karate fighter manipulates his. This means learning how to use these units in ways which would be considered extremely evil. Wrath is only one of the deadly sins, found in various lists which were kept by early Christians. This means that Lust, Fear, Glutney, Hate, and a host of other ‘Demons,’ are in the mix; they are in essence the ‘Dark Side.’

The positive or Holy opposite of the Seven Forms of Wrath, would look something like this…

Word, light, satiation, practical knowledge, un-excitement of death, Holy Kingdom of the Flesh, rational wisdom of the Flesh, and Wisdom, i.e., Gnosis.

This set being applied is how Mary was healed, because it is only this knowledge which can counter the cause and effects of the evil hebdoad. The Seven Forms of Wrath, and all the other possible evil ‘Dark Side’ emotions, can use this healing model of the Ogdoad of Wrath. The formula for the ‘Forms of Wrath,’ show how to ‘form’ the positive or Holy opposite for any of the Dark Side ‘Forms.’ For a healing to work, the type of ‘Form’ must be determined. Then the ‘particular trouble’ must be put into the ‘Ogdoad’ and contemplated upon. Just switch ‘Wrath’ with say ‘Hate,’ and you form another demon.

There is only one valid source of Jesus Wisdom to apply to what becomes the ‘Word,’ in the Monadic set. This is the ”Gospel of Thomas.” It is through the study of the Sethian texts, the Thomas Gospel, and the Gnostic Gospels, that the Word becomes clear.

Darkness refers to lack of knowledge in regard to knowing that Wisdom is in fact the Holy Sprit, or Word. Knowing this changes the way you perceive the Holy Spirit. Otherwise you act out with Ignorance as to the true nature of the Word, and you face the ‘excitments’ of Death. The Gnostic student must learn how these manipulations work, separately, and in units.

Because man is matter, evil acts take place largely because of matter. Without the flesh the evil Dark Side of pain, both physical and mental because of ‘Flesh,’ can be avoided. That is, provided you understand that what must change these evil Forms, is the Soul. The Soul, is Form (Word), Perception, Consciousness, Action (Spirit), and Knowledge. It is with this tool that the Gnostic learns to advance his skills inside the ‘forms’ of the Monad. This applies to the self, family, community, city, state, country, world, universe, and Pleroma.

The “Gospel of Thomas” saying 26, offers this Wisdom about healing…26. Jesus said, “You see the sliver in your friend’s eye, but you don’t see the timber in your own eye. When you take the timber out of your own eye, then you will see well enough to remove the sliver from your friend’s eye.”.

Jesus is the Monad, Amen.


Monad: From the Greek word, meaning “one”, “single” or “unique.” It has ample
descriptions according to different contexts: According to Pythagoras it was the
first thing in existence. ”The Valentinian Exposition” declares Jesus the
‘Monad.’ (See Sethian Monadology.) mo·nad; (mnd) n. 1. Philosophy; An
indivisible, impenetrable unit of substance viewed as the basic constituent
element of physical reality in the metaphysics of Leibnitz. 2. Biology; A
single-celled microorganism, especially a flagellate protozoan of the genus
”Monas.” 3. Chemistry ; An atom or a radical with valence 1. (Online
Webster’s Dic. See also; Wikipedia.) The Monadic sequence to the Triad is
expressed is by the ”Oracles of Zoroaster,” which illuminates the
25. The Monad first existed, and the Paternal Monad still subsists.
26. When the Monad is extended, the Dyad is generated.
27. And beside Him is seated the Dyad which glitters with intellectual sections,
to govern all things and to order everything not ordered.
28. The Mind of the Father said that all things should be cut into Three, whose
Will assented, and immediately all things were so divided.
29. The Mind of the Eternal Father said into Three, governing all things by
30. The Father mingled every Spirit from this Triad.
31. All things are supplied from the bosom of this Triad.
32. All things are governed and subsist in this Triad
33. For thou must know that all things bow before the Three Supernals.
34. From thence floweth forth the Form of the Triad, being preexistent; not the
first Essence, but that whereby all things are measured.
35. And there appeared in it Virtue and Wisdom, and multiscient Truth.
36. For in each World shineth the Triad, over which the Monad ruleth.”
The “Three Supernals” is perhaps a reference to the Kabbalah, but probably
refers to the state of Tripartite.