Come, therefore, O Lord Jesus,

divest yourself of your garments

which you have put on for my sake.

Be you naked, that you may clothe

us with your mercy. Gird yourself

with a towel for our sakes, that you

may gird us with your gift of immortality.

Pour water into the basin; wash not only our feet

but also the head, and not only

the footprints of the body, but also of the mind.

I wish to put off all the filth of our fraility,

so that I, too, may say:

“I have put off my garment, how shall I put

it on? I have washed my feet, how shall

I defile them?”

-St. Ambrose

Now I say to you in conclusion,
life is hard,
at times as hard as crucible steel. (Mmm)
It has its bleak and difficult moments.
Like the ever-flowing waters of the river,
life has its moments of drought and its moments of flood. (Yeah)
Like the ever-changing cycle of the seasons,
life has the soothing warmth of its summers
and the piercing chill of its winters. (Yeah)
But if one will hold on,
he will discover that God walks with him, (Yeah. Well)
and that God is able (Yeah) to lift you from the fatigue of despair
to the buoyancy of hope
and transform dark and desolate valleys
into sunlit paths of inner peace. (Mmm)

–eulogy for the martyred children

martin luther king jr. 1963