My mother died today, 4:09 am, April 19, 1992. Was she a perfect mother? no…

I miss her still…….. but it no longer hurts.

Here’s to you Ms Miriam…wherever you are now

Mother Is The Name For God On The Lips And Hearts Of All Children
–JO Barr, the Crow

wise words from the departing, eat your greens
especially broccoli

–Jhon Balance

Her words from 40 years ago (approx):

A boy and a girl walking

Barefoot down the street

In blue jeans and soft white shirts.

She is carrying a tambourine…

A girl walking along on

The curb, balancing…

A puppy playing in the yard…

Freedom is a dance

In the sunshine

Let it be.


All religions, all yogas, may be paths to lead us closer to Him who is the only One through whom all was created, the Christ. Jesus was the manifestation in human form of the limitless Christ of God.

There is no separation in God. The forces which promote separation, selfishness and egotism should not be feared, for nothing can hinder the plan of God, nor prevent its fulfillment. Love alone shall be our protection. Where there is love there is unity, there is the Christ.

When Christ returns, He will be as the fulfillment of each individual soul potential, and the unified consciousness and loving brotherhood of all mankind. No differences of language, race or even religion can separate us then, as we are all One in? Him, and we will realize this in all fullness. Meanwhile we should realize that no man is our enemy! The only enemy is the sense of limitation which divides us from Him and each other.

All this shall pass away as the Consciousness of the whole race is lifted into a larger awareness of God. We grow toward this by letting go of our limited conceptions, and opening up to the universal Christ-Love, by allowing His Love to flow through us to all mankind.

This I believe.


I’ve got a full time job

Just bein’ me

But if bein’ me means

Carin’ about you

I’ll do that too

‘Cause you help me

‘Cause you see me through

Yeah, you know you do

I’ve got a full time job

Just thankin’ you

For the things you do


Miriam Baum 1944 – 1992

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your heart. Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakes.


–CG Jung



“‘The process of creation takes place on two levels,’ says the Zohar, ‘one above and one below, and thus the Torah begins with the letter Bet, with a numerical value of two.’ The lower creation corresponds to the higher: one produced the world of the Sefirot, and the other produced the material world. But all creations, teaches the Zohar, occur simultaneously. To the Kabbalists, then, creation has a twofold character: it presents the cosmogony which is the internal creation that takes place in God, i.e. inside the realm of the Sefirot, and the cosmology which is the external creation that takes place in the material world, i.e. outside the realm of the Sefirot. But it also signifies a crisis in the hidden life of Ein-Sof, since the introspective God, who until now was hidden in the world of ‘nothingness,’ begins to externalize and ‘dress-up’ into the world of ‘everythingness.’ This is the most crucial shift in the hidden life of Ein-Sof: it involves the gradual unfolding of the hidden Ein-Sof into the world of the Sefirot through the act of emanation. At this point Ein-Sof shifts from being undifferentiated into being differentiated. Here He breaks from the One to the two and the many, and thus plurality emerges from singularity.


The transformation of God in the creation is an illustration of a chain whose links are revealed as unfolding levels of many different worlds. It is an illustration where ‘everything is linked with everything else down to the lowest ring on the chain, and the true essence of God is bove as well as below…..and nothing exists outside Him,’ as formulated in Sefer Ha-Rimmon by the great Kabbalist Moses de-Leon. This transformation is a godly act of expansion; it is God’s exit from His own infinity and His entrance into space and time. And at the same time it is a theory that establishes the Kabbalistic foundation of pantheism, for the expansion of God causes Him to be everywhere, pan-theos, i.e. to reside in all spiritual and material things, above and below.


The transformation of God in the creation, however, is first and foremost a godly mental conversion. It is the transposition of God’s Self from unconsciousness to consciousness, since during the process of the creation He undergoes a change of mind. The Kabbalists teach that the Hebrew word for ‘nothingness,’ Ayin (written in Hebrew aleph yud nun, AIN), has the same consonants as I (written in Hebrew aleph nun yud, ANI). God departs from His hidden ‘nothingness,’ AIN, and acquires His revealed I, ANI; although this is revealed only to Himself…..In the classic teachings of the Kabbalists of Spain, in the Kabbalah of the Zohar and in the Hebrew works of the master Kabbalist, Moses de-Leon, the transformation of God from the Ayin to the I is described by means of the symbol of the primordial point, nequdah. Nequdah is the pristine seed of emanation; it expands and grows by its motion, and it eventually creates the line and the surface until it is manifested into the ten Sefirot. Thus, the expansion of the Sefirot manifests the expansion of God’s mind; that is, through the godly act of expansion He becomes aware and conscious.”


– Shimon Shokek (Kabbalah and the Art of Being)


The infinite Logos of the eternal God is the most powerful and stable support of the totality of the world. It is This, which stretched from the center to the boundaries and extremities, assures everywhere the course of nature, rendering it invincible and uniting all parts in strict unity. For the Father who engendered this Logos made it the link (desmos) of the Universe, a link which nothing can break



Along Carl Gustav Jubng and others, it is the time apply ancient religion and interpret Sacred Scripture as such:

Consciousness is our knowing that we know; that phase of knowing by which we take cognisance of our existence
and of our relation to what we call environment. Environment is made by ideas held in mind and objectified. The
ideas that are held in mind are the basis of all consciousness. The nature of the ideas upon which consciousness is
formed gives character to it. Consciousness, the direct awareness: the incessant flow of sensation, images,
thoughts, feelings, desires, and impulses, which one can observe, analyse, and judge.

The subconscious mind, or subjective consciousness, is the sum of all man’s past thinking. It may be called
memory. The subconscious sometimes acts separately from the conscious mind, for instance, in dreams and in its
work of carrying in bodily functions, such as breathing and digestion. The subconscious mind has no power to do
original thinking. It acts upon what is given it through the conscious or the subconscious mind. All our
involuntary or automatic activities are of the subconscious mind, they are the result of our having trained
ourselves by the conscious mind to form certain habits and do certain things without having to centre our thought
upon them consciously.

Personal consciousness is formed from limited, selfish ideas.

Sense consciousness is a mental state formed from believing in and acting through the senses. It is the serpent
consciousness, deluded with sensation. Since an individual becomes attached to whatever he thinks about, the
result of his forming sense consciousness is that he withdraws his consciousness from the Supreme Being, and
looses conscious connection with his Source.

Material consciousness is much the same as personal and sense consciousness. It is a state of mind based on
belief in the reality of materiality, or in things as they appear.

The conscious self or the “I”, the point within the embodied of pure self-awareness, different from the changing
content of our consciousness (the sensations, thoughts, feelings, and more).

The superconsciousness, or superconscious mind, is the Higher Self, a state of consciousness that is based on true
ideas, upon an understanding and realisation of the Oneness of Truth as related in the Bhagavad Gita.

The Higher Self, or the “Self” with a capital letter, submerged in the ceaseless flow of psychological contents,
disappearing (walking away as it were) when we fall asleep, when we faint, when we are under the effect of an
anaesthetic or narcotic, or in a state of hypnosis, and when one awakes the “Self” is appearing again.

The Collective Consciousness. According to Jung, consciousness, seemingly the sine qua non of humanity is just
the tip of the iceberg. Beneath consciousness lies a much larger substratum of forgotten or repressed personal
memories, feelings and behaviours, which Jung termed the personal unconscious. Moreover, beneath that lies the
deep sea of collective unconscious, huge and ancient (Brahman), filled with all the images and behaviours (souls,
entities) that have been repeated over and over (reincarnation) throughout the history of not only humanity, but
also life itself (all creation). As Jung said: “… the deeper you go, the broader the base becomes.”

The Collective Consciousness consists of images and behavioural patterns not acquired by an individual in his or
her lifetime, yet accessible to all individuals in all times, “unconscious” because it cannot be reached through
conscious awareness. Here is faith and intent, prayer, meditation, Gita standards essential to open ourselves up to
the universal but hidden treasure. The collective unconscious or consciousness (as I prefer to say) dwells in each
of us. Much of our life is structured by the archetypal symbols that are the organised units of the collective
unconscious (consciousness).

The structure of the “embodied man”, the psyche. Consciousness is only a
tiny part of the psyche, beneath it lies the personal unconscious and below
that lies the vast expanse of the collective unconscious. All sensory
experience is first filtered through the building blocks of the collective
unconscious – the archetypes – which gather our life experiences around
them to form complexes.

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