In this age of change, newness is not what we best offer to the people of the next millennium. Our greatest gifts will be pieces of the past that we shepherd through boundless transition. These are moorings of stability amid constant tumult: durable old ideas, ancient cultures, bastions of wild nature.

The marvel and inspiration to our great-grandkids will not be the latest electronic thinker or space machine. It will be the wondrous products of the slow and the timeless–of evolution itself. Heritage and legacy, in their most basic natural forms, are in serious question. Let us find ways to steward the continuation of places where nature works well enough to produce clean streams, old trees, unique creatures and fierce predators int heir natural balance.

The value of such places will be  and must be the standard by which we are judged.

–Mitch Friedman
(Environmentalist, Northwest Ecosystem Alliance
Washington State)20150718_190300