Working with pairs and triads on tree of life

Ongoing cycle

Meditation with tarot part 1

Divination is but one use of tarot. Tarot can be used to meditate upon. Through meditation we may enhance our understanding and interaction with the cards.

1. Choose a card
2. Briefly enter silence and try to still your mind.
3. With your chosen card place it in both hands. Hold the card close to your face and study it. Clear your mind and meditate open eyed on the card. Let the card fill your consciousness.

The card may begin to move and become alive, do not resist this, only resist absurdities such as an appearance of mickey mouse. Meditate open eyed holding the card in your consciousness for 5-10 mins.
4. Now you have communicated with the cards. This is a simple exercise that is surprisingly effective. Feel free to write down any experiences or things you have learned.

You may enhance your meditation with a simple addition of a candle, typically plain and white, dedicated for just this, which can be lit for tarot meditation only.

this is a very basic form.


First cycle of meditation


First Pair: World and Fool

First Triad: Moon Magus Moon