An Apocalypse is like a revalation, but it can also refer to social or natural disaster from the view that the destruction is Apoclyptic. The End of Days or End Times is generally considered an Apocalyptic event.

I have worked on the following primer for the past couple of weeks, but I have been collecting the research since 2012. My aim was to write a document that could put people on the same page as to the real dangers of Climate Change. It’s Apocalyptic….

The Saunders Primer for ET’s, EDC’s, and Climate Change


Tom Saunders B.A. /B.S. Certified Linguist, Activist

Climate Change as a term tends to confuse people as to what it means and entails. Some people mean Climate Change as referring to anthropogenic (man-made) climate disruption. In fact Climate Change means more than that.

To be more precise and holistic as a field of study Climate Change should be thought of as having core branches. This is like philosophy having the basic core branches of epistemology, metaphysics, and natural law. Climate change relates to the branches of change in the environments of the macro world, change in the micro world, and change in the climate of the social world.

1. Climate Changes in the Macro Environment:

The Macro world is where the sun shines, the wind blows, and the rain falls, or doesn’t in the case of drought. It is also inclusive what man has added to the natural world in terms of economic systems, logistics, and infrastructure. The macro world is where we can see and experience the wind, water, earthquakes, and weather extremes. The Macro environment is where greenhouse gases change the reflection of light on the earth and causes Global Warming.

2. Climate Changes in the Micro Environment:

The Micro environment exists in our blood streams and biology. The micro world is where microscopic changes happen to all living things. The micro world is where things like the acidity of water, radioactivity and the quality of air become what they are. We live in an environment where the same Environmental Toxins are causing the damage in all three environments. The Micro environment is where cellular and genetic damage happens.

3. Climate Changes in the Social Environment:

The social climate in populations changes much like the weather. What happens in the micro and macro environment creates a long and short term effect on what happens in a social fabric. What happens in the Micro and Macro environments have a direct influence on what disasters happen in a social field.

The Natural 50 Year Timeline for Climate Change:

The changes in all three types of climate environments of this model are on a natural fifty year timeline. This means that it takes fifty years to go from start to finish in completing the cause and effect of a natural Climate Change cycle. This means what we do in the macro or micro environments today, takes a fifty year span to complete its cause and effect in the timeline cycle.

The effects of the micro and macro climate relate to the social climate in that the social climate reacts in the timeline.  In this cycle, the macro and micro changes act like a feedback loop in tune with the social fabric. (See Feedback Loops below)

Environmental Toxins:

Environmental Toxins are man-made poisons from biological, chemical, or radioactive sources. These same poisons are responsible for both macro and micro environmental disruptions.

Endocrine Disruption Chemicals, EDC’s are a class of some of the most dangerous environmental poisons. The most dangerous of the EDC’s are dioxin compounds. Poisoning from them or radioactive poisoning, share the effect of being carcinogenic, mutagenic, and teratogenic. This means these poisons reach deep into the human gene pool.

E.D.C.’s are known to cause breast and prostate cancer, non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, thyroid diseases, and diabetes. E.DC.’s are a direct cause of chromosomal damage, infertility, (Mekong Syndrome), asthma, obesity, strokes, heart disease, chloracne, peripheral neuropathy, autoimmune diseases, Alzheimer’s, Autism, and Parkinson’s diseases., There are other less commonly known conditions from critical contamination from endocrine disruptors.

The birth defects from critical EDC contamination include missing organs, missing bones, extra limbs, enlarged hearts, and various forms of mental retardation. The most dangerous EDC’s like dioxin compounds are teratogenic, meaning monster makers. This refers to the severe birth defects these toxins are known to cause.

One of the most common sources of EDC pollution besides from gas fracking is from most furniture containing flame retardants. Flame retardants contain the necessary ingredients to create deadly compounds in fires. This was proven by the San Francisco Fire Dept. investigation that showed fire retardants, when burned, produced dioxin and other teratogenic toxins in the gases emitted. The victims’ experience from this kind of contamination speaks to the fact that small dosages of EDC’s can create the deadly effects of critical contamination. (Source: “The Toxic Hot Seat”)

Critical Contamination from Environmental Toxins:

Critical contamination is that point when exposure to a biological, chemical, or radioactive Environmental Toxin causes definable medical damage.

I use the term because measurements for radioactivity and EDC contamination are complex and different. This is in spite of the fact that they both cause very similar destructive medical and genetic scenarios. They cause all the maladies I have mentioned above. They can be classified in three categories as carcinogens, mutagenic, and teratogenic. Radioactivity and the worst EDC’s are all three at once.

1. Carcinogenic: Likely to cause one or more types of cancer.

2. Mutagenic: Likely to cause a mutation in your DNA

3. Teratogenic: Likely to pass on mutation and defects to a fetus. These defects are known to increase in severity from one generation to another.

Greenhouse Gases, Air Pollution, and Global Warming:

Greenhouse Gases are Methane, Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Oxide, and Particulates. As the man-made production of these gases increase or decrease in the atmosphere, the reflection of the sun on the earth alters the surface temperature. Global warming is caused by the increase of gas, thus causing the increase in heat.

All four types of greenhouse gases are emitted from gas fracking wells. A recent medical study shows closer proximity to fracking cites are thought to intensify critical contamination.

Dr. Panettieri, R.A. quoted from his medical study: “People who live near fracking sites suffer higher rates of heart conditions and a neurological illness says research.” The Independent (UK).”

The emission of high pressure gases from fracking wells carry particles of various materials to the surface and into the air. These particles fall to earth at some point when the greenhouse gases rise up into the atmosphere. It makes sense that the highest concentration of these particles would be closer to the discharge sites.

I would suggest that Dr. Panettieri’s study shows living in proximity well sites are likely to cause critical contamination. This is due to higher concentration of toxins in the air, on the ground and in the water.  I recall reading an estimation that one in twenty people now live near fracking operations.  Fracking went global in 2006.

Recent Studies Showing Environmental Toxin and EDC Contamination:

A study headed by Dr. Susan Nagel of the University of Missouri confirms the presence of EDC’s at well cites and even EDC pollution from these wells in the Colorado River. The study tested for Estrogen and Androgen receptor levels. Her work confirms EDC pollution from fracking and supports a lot of the information available from TEDX. Her study was before the Animas river spill that turned the waters orange.

Dr. Zak Hildenbrand of the University of Texas with his team of scientists recently tested 550 drinking water wells in the same area as the 20,000 fracking wells over the North Texas Barnett Shale Region. The U.T. study revealed high pollution levels of benzenes, hydrochlorides, and other Environmental Toxins. This 5000 sq. mile area covers 17 counties from below Dallas up to the Red River.

A Pennsylvania state DEP investigation of the Clyde Mine in Pennsylvania, at 10 Mile Creek revealed serious pollution from radioactive materials including the EDC’s known to be in fracking wastewater.

Tests of the mine’s water samples being polluted by the illegal dumping of Fracking waste, showed contamination from radium 226 and 228. The results showed 65 times the radium levels that the EPA considers safe for drinking water. Fracking EDC’s are bad, but radioactive EDC’s have to be considered even much worse dangers.

An Estimation of EDC Pollution from Fracking in Denton Texas:

The Hildenbrand study in North Texas provides some perimeters for figuring out the amount of pollution the 20,000 wells might produce. In a previous model I called the “Dallas Model” I used 14,500 wells against the 2006 population of Dallas County. This was to provide the figures needed to determine how much of the Environmental Toxins were being emitted into the environment per person…

The outcome of my first estimation was around 75 lbs. per person. This was based upon a figure of 60,000 lbs. of fracking compound per well. The compounds are mixed with as much as 7 million gallons of water per well. Less than half of that mixture is recovered, the amount of water per well can vary.

The 20,000 wells in the North Texas study used an estimated 60,000 lbs. of fracking compound per well which equals, 1,200,000,000 lbs. If we estimate that an average of 5 million gallons of water was used per well, the fracking compounds were mixed with an estimated 100,000,000,000 gallons of water. We can assume around half of this mixture was recovered from the 5000 square/cubic miles, and this leaves the other half of this dangerous mixture still in the environment.

Using the above model we can determine that 240,000 lbs. of fracking compound has been used for every square mile of the 17 counties of the Barnett Shale Region. Some areas are more productive than others and this means some areas are more polluted than others. Population levels in the region vary.

For this example of Denton as a contaminated population I am using 60,000 lbs. of compounds per well. I am using an average of 5 million gallons of water per well. Denton Texas claims a population of 113,383, and on record, 280 wells from gas inspection records. The actual number of wells may vary due to non-regulated cites. So, 280 wells x 60,000 lbs. per well, equals 16,800,000 lbs. of fracking compounds, the total of which is dumped into the Denton environment with approximately 1,400,000,000 gallons of water. 16,800,000 divided by 113,383 people equals over 148 lbs. of fracking compounds per person.

A Department of Defense study suggested that during the Viet Nam era we dumped 15 lbs. of Agent Orange per person. People in Viet Nam are still being poisoned from this original contamination during the war. The teratogenic effect of this poisoning has become apparent in the number of deformities seen in the population.

A Nationwide Water Analysis of Environmental Toxins:

 A study just completed by the U.S. Geological Survey found that insecticides known as neonicotinoids contaminated almost half of the samples taken in the nationwide study. Among the chemicals found in water contaminated by pesticides indicated the following:  Imidicloprid was found in 37 percent of the samples in the national study, clothianidin in 24 percent, thiamethoxam in 21 percent, dinotefuran in 13 percent. Neonocptomoids are mild neurotoxins.

Other commonly found insecticides polluting the environment are Acephate, Chlorpyrifos, Carbaryl, Metam Sodium, Malathion, and Trichlorfon. All of these insecticides are all teratogenic EDC’s.

There are as many herbicides just as dangerous. Glyphosate (Roundup), Atrazine, Dicamba, Motolachlor, Pendimethalin and Trifluralin are among the most common teratogenic herbicide polluters.

Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), perfluorooctane sulfonate, and other perfluoroalkyl acids have been detected in drinking water in 94 public water systems in 27 states, effecting over 6.5 million people in regard to immunotoxicity. These chemicals are phased out of use in the U.S. but persist in the environment. They have been linked to thyroid conditions. They were once used for fire retardants and to make Teflon.

Environmental Toxins from Fracking Compounds:

One air quality study in Pennsylvania measured emissions of BTEX coming from a test of a well and reported…

“The tests detected chemicals that, according to Bamberger, “[read] like an environmentalist’s worst nightmare: BTEX (benzene, toluene, ethyl benzene, m-xylene, p-xylene, and o-xylene); carbon tetrachloride; chloromethane; methylene chloride; tetrachloroethylene; trichlorofluromethane; I, I, 2-trichloro-I, 2, 2-trifluoroethane; and I,2,4-trimethylbenzene.” These chemicals, the authors observe, impact the neurological and respiratory systems and can be toxic to blood cells.

“Among the cancer-causing and environmental toxins mixed into fracking fluid are acrylamide, benzene, naphthalene, ethyl-benzene, toluene, and xylene. In addition, the deep-earth contaminants brought to the surface in wastewater include arsenic, lead, chromium, barium, and strontium (plus radium-226 and other radioactive materials). A 2011 scientific analysis of 632 chemicals used in natural gas operations found that 25 percent can cause cancer; 37 percent can disrupt the endocrine system; more than 40 percent can affect the brain (as well as nervous, immune, and cardiovascular systems); and more than 75 percent can impair the eyes, intestines, and respiratory system.”

Climate Change and Feedback Loops:

Feedback Loops are part of the observable science in the cause and effect of disruptive Climate Change. A feedback loop occurs when the outputs of a system are re-routed back as inputs as part of a chain of cause-and-effect that forms a circuit or loop.

Most people have heard electric feedback from speakers and microphones, and this is what is meant as a type of feedback event seen in all three types of Climate Change. In fact the micro and macro world are in a direct behavioral feedback loop with what happens to the Social Climate.

The teratogenic effects of EDC contamination of mass populations like Denton are in a feedback loop to the genetic population at large, and this has the potential to critically contaminate the entire human gene pool.

Feedback Loops being studied in the macro world speak to the cause and effects of weather disruption, and observable events like severe drought, storms, floods, and ice-caps melting. Understanding feedback loops can help explain how micro and macro environmental changes escalate.

An example of a positive feedback loop is when fire can escalate until it produces its own wind. At some point the masses will reach a degree of critical contamination in the human gene pool to create feedback loops and this may be deadly to the preservation of humanity.

Mass Contamination and Overpopulation:

Predictions are that the human population of the earth could grow from seven plus billion in 2000 A.D. to as high as eleven billion during the next three 50 year Climate Change cycles.

Overpopulation remains one of the most critical contributors to Climate Change.  The more people there are, the higher the degree of man-made pollution there is. The world’s social climate on keeping fossil fuels as an energy source does not appear to be dissipating.

Sometime in the current Climate Change timeline, probably sooner than later, the effect of Environmental Toxins and critical contamination on the human gene pool will become more obvious. This is when mass critical contamination comes from not only direct exposure to toxins, but from genetic transmission from parents. There are reasons to believe this is already happening and increasing.

Autism rates have increased at an alarming rate worldwide. Autism rates in Europe have remained virtually the same for the last decade, but in the U.S. they have risen from 1:10,000 in 1981 to 1:88 in 2012, to 1:68 in 2014. “Many studies point to the prevalence of toxins in our environment as the culprit.” (Dr Brian Moench)

Thyroid diseases and cancers are also on the rise, as are other maladies associated with the seven glands of the endocrine system. Every medical condition described above associated with Agent Orange and Gas Fracking operations are due to EDC and/or other Environmental Toxic exposure.

Some people like in Denton Texas mentioned above have been heavily exposed to fracking toxins for over fifteen years in the first Climate Change cycle. (2000-2050) I think the critical contamination of the entire population of Denton is likely. It is possible to find out.

“During 1986, CDC’s Division of Environmental Health Laboratory Sciences, Center for Environmental Health, developed a method for measuring TCDD (dioxin) in human serum. The measurement, which is based on lipid weight, is highly correlated with paired measurements of TCDD in adipose (fat) tissue.” (CDC)

This test shows elevated TCDD levels and could be used to survey a population like Denton. However, if the environmental toxic levels are high enough to cause critical contamination from exposure, symptoms are going to show up and increase in the population. This is when Critical Contamination really becomes obvious.

I am an Agent Orange victim with multiple medical symptoms. I was exposed to Agent Orange and critically contaminated in 1969. I have both heart disease, neurological damage, and others. There is little doubt that I have the teratogenic chromosomal damage associated with EDC contamination. If I am correct about Denton, they too must take social responsibility for being contaminated.

I know the social pressure and social responsibility of having to practice birth control, rather than pass on a teratogenic condition. Those critically exposed to EDC’s should consider they have sexual responsibility, a condition like an STD. It is a condition that ruins the normal chance for a person’s genetic legacy.


Most Climate Change writers and researchers concentrate on the possible social consequences of the disruptions mostly in the macro and social world. They do not include the consequences from the destruction of the micro world. This has to change for the understanding of Climate Change to be a holistic field of study.


Climate Change Update: 7/6/2015
Tom Saunders
In prior posts I have written about the Pope’s excellent understanding of Climate Change reflected in his recent Encyclical. I have also mentioned that there is a fine point in understanding disruptions in both the environments of the macro and micro world. Climate Change is also about what happens in our micro ecosystems and biology and not just about extreme weather.
In our micro environment, our gene pool, a certain doomsday scenario looms affecting man’s genetic makeup. This is due to mass contaminations, particularly in areas were gas fracking and other exposure has critically contaminated populations with Endocrine Disruption Chemicals, EDC’s.
In a joint project several Universities in Texas undertook a comprehensive study of ground water in the North Texas area of the Barnett Shale region. The study was led by Dr. Zak Hildenbrand of the University of Texas, and others from Tarleton and Houston.
The analysis makes it clear that BTEX compounds and hydrochlorides are present in the 550 North Texas groundwater samples collected by the group composed of sixteen Texas University scientists.
BTEX is an acronym that stands for benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylenes. A report from a recent Univ. of Texas comprehensive groundwater analysis of the Dallas area makes it clear that benzenes and hydrochlorides are being used in the fracking process. These chemicals can mix to form Agent Orange or dioxin compounds as bi-products. This dangerous contamination is something I have warned about to every major politician in Oklahoma, and the Mayor of Dallas.
I spoke with Dr. Hildenbrand on July 3rd, and we discussed his findings and he later read some of my work. He wrote it was “compelling and well written.” I was grateful for the compliment, and I hope to acquire more information for future articles.
Dr. Hildenbrand mentioned his study did not specifically test for dioxin compounds. According to what Dr. Hildenbrand said, there were unknown chemicals detected by his research team that were not targeted by the study. He also explained to me how waste water and materials can be radioactive when retrieved. I mentioned that EDC’s are bad enough, but radioactive EDC’s are even worse.
I mentioned to Dr. Hildenbrand that a Dr. Nagle of the University of Missouri recently did a study that showed EDC contamination at well cites and even the Colorado River. The heat and the pressure of the fracking process seems a scientifically perfect environment to form dioxin compounds from the benzenes and hydrochlorides used in the injection process.
Exact information is difficult to get as the fracking companies are not regulated, and not required to disclose all of the ingredients used in mixing fracking compounds. It will take more formal studies to calculate how many people are being affected by EDC contamination. I suspect it is massive.
Dioxin compounds are the most dangerous of the EDC’s and like radioactive poisoning it causes mutagenic damage to human and animal DNA. This effects the victim in other ways but the chromosomal damage is teratogenic, which means a mother’s defects are passed on to the fetus. Other EDC’s like benzenes are known carcinogens but may not be teratogenic, unless the fracking waste mixture you are exposed to happens to be radioactive.
The cause and effects of EDC’s on a population has been done to some extent in Viet Nam, and by the Agent Orange Registry, who track Veterans exposed in the Viet Nam era to EDC’s. I myself am one of these veterans, with multiple symptoms from exposure. The two types of exposed American Veteran, and the Mekong population shows a picture of what mass critical exposure does to a population.
It does not take much exposure to these poisons to be critically contaminated by EDC’s. Some people get sick right away, others have symptoms show up later, up to twenty years. People who are critically exposed should not have children as it is almost certain any fetus would have, sometimes multiple birth defects. The defects are known to get worse from one generation to the next. This genetic flaw has been shown in Viet Nam where it is called Mekong Syndrome.
A Department of Defense study calculated that during the Viet Nam War, we dumped around 15 lbs. per person into the environment. People in the Mekong region of Viet Nam are still being contaminated. My estimation showed that in the Dallas area, the poundage for EDC’s was around 75, per person. I am hoping further studies will show more accurate figures.
My estimation is based upon a 2006 population, and 14,500 wells from an estimation I used from the documentary, “Gasland.” Dr. Hildenbrand mentioned 20,000 wells in the Barnett Shale Region. the amount of water used in the fracking process varies but it can take up to 7 million gallons. Around 60,000 pounds of fracking compounds are used for each well. There are over a thousand possible ingredients for fracking compounds according to a recent EPA study, and many are known carcinogens. (TEDX The Endocrine Disruption Exchange, Inc.)
I live a few miles north of the Barnett region in Oklahoma, known as “Texoma.” The northern border of the 5000 square mile Barnett Shale Region stops at the Red River, and extends above Dallas. Both Texas and Oklahoma have multiple wells in the area and have similar problems. The Texas and Oklahoma state governments have tried to prevent people from taking action against fracking.
The Oklahoma Supreme court has recently ruled that those citizens hurt by earthquakes can litigate against the energy or drilling companies. Otherwise, the state Corporation Commissioner is responsible for the safety and operation of wells. People have been hurt…
“Homes have been rattled and damaged to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars, and worrying regulators is the stark fact that some of last month’s earthquakes stretched beyond rural oilfield areas and into Oklahoma City.” (Urry, Environews)
Relative to Climate Change the North Texas and Oklahoma border has just endured its worst flash flooding in the history of the region. This is after a long drought. These are some of the macro effects in the environment related to Climate Change. There is more to worry about concerning the micro environment and EDC’s because the use of chemicals that can produce dioxin compounds are massive and found almost anywhere in this environment. Any padding or material in our furniture is likely treated with benzenes and hydrochloride compounds being used as fire retardant.
The documentary “The Toxic Hot Seat” reveals the high level of exposure to dioxin compounds by firemen when these treated materials burn. Firemen were being critically contaminated from just smoke. This information was revealed when San Francisco firemen had an unusually high amount of sick people, critically contaminated by EDC’s. Their symptoms were the same as other Agent Orange victims.

EDC’s are known to cause breast and prostate cancer, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, diabetes, and other cancers and destructive medical conditions. EDC critical exposure causes chromosomal damage and infertility, as well as birth defects like Autism. Exposure causes conditions of, asthma, obesity, strokes, heart disease, chloracne, peripheral neuropathy, Alzheimer’s, “Mekong Syndrome,” and Parkinson’s diseases. Birth defects include missing organs, missing bones, enlarged hearts, deformities of all sorts, including various forms of mental retardation.

EDC’s do not act like other poisons in regard to being lethal. They kill some quickly after exposure, or it can take a long time for any symptoms to show up. Critical contamination is when exposure to EDC’s causes any or several symptoms mentioned above. More or higher exposure to EDC’s may not effect the victim like a higher dosages of arsenic.

The science of micro and macro effects of Climate Change are on a fifty year timeline. This timeline shows the effects of what was done since 2000 and according to this natural law timeline, will not be fully realized until around 2050. But then another 50 year cycle will begin. Things will not get better unless drastic changes are done today.

The effects of EDC’s on the world population will become more apparent when the maladies mentioned above increase and escalate on a more massive scale than they have. This is likely to lower the world populations. This damage to the human gene pool should become apparent, if not now, it will be when nobody can have a normal child. I base this prediction just on the serious increase of autistic children born since 1980.

Autism rates in the United States have risen from 1 in 10,000 in 1981, to 1 in 68 in 2014. In 2012, the rate was 1 in 88. This means Autism is in an escalation phase in the gene pool and is headed to being likely in any pregnancy. Autism is only one malady known to be related in Mekong Syndrome, and it is not the only ECD related symptom to be on the rise. Critical contamination can show up as multiple maladies. People react differently to critical exposure, and that time of proof for most victims of critical contamination is usually when the symptoms start to show up.

Because Climate Change is logged unto a 50 year cycle, what we do now as precautions has to be carried out through the next cycles. It is too late to reverse the damage done since 2000, all we can do is record what happens now and in the future cycles. I myself am 67, and in poor health, so I am not anticipating seeing the 2050 start to the next cycle. Most of the people responsible for the mass contamination of EDC’s are around my age. We will likely be dead before it is known the scale of damage from Environmental Toxins by the end of the 2000-2050 cycle.

Climate Change has an aspect or branch, as a field of study, that relates to the stress of man’s social environments and economies. One of the realities of mass population contamination in the ecosystems from EDC’s will be shifts in the availability of food, fuel, and safe water supplies. The question of overpopulation is cause for concern in regard to man’s future survival.

The more people in the world means more use of Environmental Toxins, and more pollution, as well as more stress on the socio-economic networks to provide essential needs. To survive some populations will have to make critical social changes.

Mass EDC contamination is going to change the way people need to look at family planning and contraception by the end of the 2000-2050 cycle. By then people may see the effects of EDC poisoning in Dallas and other heavily contaminated areas to an extent seen in Viet Nam along the Mekong River.

I have to speak from my own experience as an Agent Orange victim as to the dangers of being exposed to dioxin and other dangerous Environmental Toxins. I have had neurological and muscle damage, five heart attacks, two quadruple surgeries, and a stent inserted into vessels above my heart. These are long growing conditions since I first knew I was contaminated in the 80’s.

“Where there is smoke there is fire,” and where there are benzenes and hydrochlorides being used in a process like fracking there is likely to be dioxin compounds. Formal studies like those done by Dr. Hildenbrand need to be done to test the Dallas model for specific EDC’s.