You must know that this is in reality one and the same thing – to
know God and to be known by God, to see God and to be seen by
God. In knowing and seeing God we know and see that He makes us
know and see. And j ust as the luminous air is not different from the
fact of illuminating, for it illumines because it is luminous, so do we
know by being known, and because He makes us know. Therefore
Christ said, “Again you will see me” (John 1 6 : 22). That is to say, by
making you see, you know me; and then follows, ” Your heart will
rejoice,” that is in the vision and knowledge of me, and “no one shall
rob you of your joy ” (John 1 6 : 22).

St. John says, ” See how great is the love that the Father has shown
us, that we are called and are the children of God ” ( 1 John 3 : 1 ) . He
says not only ” we are called” but “we are. ” So I say that just as a
man cannot be wise without wisdom, so he cannot be a son without
the filial nature of God’s Son, without having the same being as the
Son of God has – just as being wise cannot be without wisdom. And
so, if you are the Son of God, you can only be so by having the same
being of God that the Son has. But this is ” now hidden from us”; and
after that it is written, ” Beloved, we are the sons of God. ” And what
do we know? – That is what he adds, “and we shall be like him”
( 1 John 3 :2), that is, the same as he is: the same being, experiencing
and understanding-everything that he is, when we see him as God.
So I say God could not make me the son of God if I had not the
nature of God’s Son, any more than God could make me wise if I
had no wisdom. How are we God’s sons ?  We do not know yet: ” It
does not yet appear” to us; all we know is that he says we shall be
like Him. There are certain things that hide this knowledge in our
souls and conceal it from us.

The soul has something in her, a spark of intellect, that never dies;
and in this spark, as at the apex of the mind we place the ‘image’ of
the soul. But there is also in our souls a knowing directed toward externals,
the sensible and rational perception which operates in images
and words to obscure this from us. How then are we God’s sons? By
sharing one nature with Him. But to have any realization of thus
being God’s Son, we need to distinguish between the outward and
the inward understanding. The inward understanding is that which
is based intellectually in the nature of our soul. Yet it is not the soul’s
essence but is, rather, rooted there and is something of the life of the
soul. In saying the understanding is the life of the soul we mean her
intellectual life, and that is the life in which man is born as God’s son
and to eternal life. This understanding is timeless, without place without
Here and Now. In this life all things are one and all things
are common: all things are all in all and all in one.

Meister Eckhart (Sermon 7)