“A consciousness glistens within each creature and each creature’s creation, even as it guided the hand of the One who spoke and the world came into being. Rabbi Oshaya, at the beginning of Genesis Rabba, reminds us that when even a king builds a castle, he uses a blueprint. So the Creator, too, returns again and again to that underlying pattern of being. Arrangements of motion that organize and animate all being. This is reality’s dream. Holy literature. Organizing motif beneath the apparent surface.
This consciousness is never still, not even for a moment. It will not be photographed or even named. In its wanting to become aware, it rearranges itself in one pattern after another. Feel it now in the blinking of your eyes. The moisture on your tongue. The gentle filling and emptying of your lungs. It rises unnamed through us, the incessant motion of the four creatures bearing the chariot in Ezekiel’s vision: human, lion, ox, and eagle, running and returning. Creation is in us. The plan the Creator used reappears everywhere from the most erudite contemporary cosmological theory to the opening sentences of Genesis, it is the same.”
– Lawrence Kushner (The River of Light)
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