So they rode till they came to a lake that was a fair water and broad.

And in the middle Arthur was aware of an arm clothed in white

samite. that held a fair sword in that hand.

“Lo.” Said Merlin. “yonder is the sword that I spoke of

So with that they saw a damsel going upon the Lake.

“What damsel is that?” said Arthur

“That is the Lady of the Lake ” said Merlin.

“There is a great rock, and therein is as fair as a palace as any on earth, and richly beseen.

And this damsel will come to you anon, and then speak ye fair to her, that she may give you that sword.”

So anon came this damsel to Arthur and saluted him, and he her again.

“Damsel” said Arthur, “What sword is that yonder that the arm holdeth above the water?

I would were it mine, for I have no sword.”

“Sir Arthur.” said the damsel, “that sword is mine, and if you will give me a gift

when I ask it of you , ye shall have it.”

“By my faith,” said Arthur, “I will give you what gift ye will ask.”