“The first casualty of war is the truth”

It never fails for me to be slightly amazed at humanity.  Paris Hilton became famous cause daddy’s rich,  her sis was on tv and millions saw her on tape giving a blow job. Then as now,  we as a collective people carry on like lemmings falling off a cliff.  Gawd bless Kim and Kanye and whoever is flavor of the next second long internet meme. Lemmings.

Millions now continue to act like lemmings. All forgetting their past.  But why should we teach kids today the nature of persuasion and propoganda?  In Nazi Germany millions were convinced that it was ok to take part in genocide. Your average person tends to need some heavy convincing to help slaughter millions.

How are people convinced that it really is ok to help commmit genocide? Through lies. Persuasion is a powerful tool. Propoganda has been used by humanity,  probably forever.  Chief architect for the third reich Goebbels,  through satire in the form of print media and cinema helped strip the Jews of their humanity.  Helping to bolster the big nosed,  crooked chinned image,  juxtaposed with actual rats… (nice movies)  the Nazi party convinced Germany it was ok to hate.

If you insult,  malign,  spread hate… not once,  not twice but for years toward 1.5 billion people… would you not expect some reprocussions?

International law,  especially in Europe because of World War II,  has laws,  laws differentiating free speech from hate. Look it up,  world law differentiates between the two. One thing Europe DID learn from the Nazi party,  “never again… ”

Today though,  people prefer their latest meme. If Paris Hilton can build a career based on the foundation of fame she got from sucking a penis on film…. Then the French can clearly build sympathy and declare freedom of speech built on a foundation of hate.  For that is what this is….

But humanity runs off like lemmings,  perpetuating and help bolstering hate.  The Nazi party was doing great work. Without the deaths of millions we wouldnt have the soda called Fanta (invented by CocaCola for the Nazi party) or the VW beetle/bug.  Herbie is a Nazi invention,  or due to medical experimentation on live people would we know so much about what NOT to do during pregnancy.

But,  like lemmings humanity goose steps off a cliff… but then:

“there are several ways… to convince people”

(Throbbing Gristle,  convincing people,  album: 20 jazz funk greats)

The image below on the right is French hate propoganda potraying an Islamic woman with a burqa up her butt (a lot of thought and intelligence went into that… not)

Interestingly Faux News is saying the home of last years peace prize winner Malala,  is a terrorist hot bed. Take that you filthy peace prize winner,  fox has you coverd… and knows all about Birmingham. Lemmings.

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