I never knew or met Robin williams. But, he touched my soul more than once and in so doing did change me, however little….. I am rather surprised how upset at his death I am. I think as a Jew I understand his depression… depression is a Jewish thing for many, too much inbreeding maybe and perhaps some psychic remains left over from the holocaust (Shoah)… carried through into genetic memory, maybe…..

But while it has been many years, I have known the pain of depression, it really is like being in a bottomless pit… unable to climb out. Suicide is a very real option in that mental state.

I think I am more upset that he took his life, not because he was selfish (some would say he was, I’d question that assessment), but because of this being, that touched me deeply was in such pain.

suicide, for those that do it…they see no other option. I can only imagine what pain he was going through….

But, its very saddening and its hard to shake the maudling feeling….. Depression is never easy. It has deeply affected myself and more so in recent years taken the life of my family. But we live and continue to live…

Nanu Nanu Garp…. You were part of my life, just a little… for almost as long as I can remember.

” I believe we are the chosen people… but I wish the Almighty had chosen somebody else.” Robin Williams (Jakob the liar)