The ‘archetype’ frequently referred to in psychology is the construct of each individual, reflected from conditioned experience, and occasionally grounded in a form shared by a larger group. A magical image, by way of contrast, may or may not have similar attributes to any specific psychological archetype, but is a carefully shaped and energized structure which persists in the innerworlds or shared imagination for immense periods of time. Both of these images draw upon true Archetypes, which are rooted in the foundation of all worlds, or partake of the true nature of the universe.

–the underworld initiation

Psychology has always been interesting. What with the recent publication of Jung’s red book we perhaps get a deeper insight into the “godfather” of Psychology, CG Jung.

This of course has muddied the modern Gnostic movement. With its core of confused 19th century revival occultism… down to its over reliance on psychology has led to a mess. A mess that works, yes….but a mess that could do so much more….. like winning a sports match locally versus the Olympics.

For those that don’t know, the modern Gnostic movements are mostly composed of the 19th Century occultism, with its huge amounts of fill in the gaps and hope it works ideas. From questionable beginnings involving seances, masonry on crack, theosophy etc. Including but not limited to the Cathar revival movement.

But, where does this leave us? It leaves us before, in a sea of inadequate or partial spiritual traditions, where “actualization” becomes a goal,.not the true initiation and transformation offered by genuine spiritual traditions world wide.

I guess, to me it’s a bit like meditation, it can be used to heal, to calm and to increase health. However true meditation is something more so n to running a marathon as opposed to merely going for a brisk walk. Finding genuine meditation then, can often be difficult to find…..

Settle NOT for a Jungian Grail…. but seek yhe true one!