Some  thoughts in February’s Jesus discussion…

As a more of a right brain thinker, ie one who embraces the mythical, mysterious, spiritual side or intuitive way of thought, my views are fully colored by this. I would argue these intuitive modes of consciousness underpin the logical and visible, much like an ice berg, or the roots of a tree. Just as with an ice berg and tree, much is visible much is not. To appreciate histrocity thus is to understand that which underpins them and thus what is revealed through histrocity. To think of it simply, if I want to know about Spain, really I have to live there. Only then could I truly appreciate books about Spain.

With this is mind, I find using the bible for histrocity as useful but problematic, mainly due to centuries of agenda ( editing, mistranslations etc etc etc.) The bible I would view as skewed at best. However I claim no expertise in biblical study as historical fact, I leave that for people writing about Spain, but in my estimation. Does this mean it’s worthless, certainly not…. I just don’t think it’s a great “central” source, but perhaps it is as close to a central source as we’ll ever have(the Bible that is).

Mystical texts or scripture in my opinion are “mysterious” for many reasons, here are some:

In order to protect secrets, ie hide them from authorities.

To convey teachings. Simply teaching someone what a quadratic equation is, is great, however to understand it, they need to apply it. Thus scripture,.needs to be applied inwardly (daily spiritual practice, meditation etc.) which again like our ice berg, is the hidden depth of our outer expression or daily lives…. for example applying the golden rule daily.

One has to remember, the bible and other related texts, quran, torah etc. were originally oral texts. The rythym of the language and words emloyed are deliberate, when chanted or recited brings on a new level of understanding. Parallels here can be made with the mystery of the music of the Spheres, Platonic, pre-platonic, related and pan cultural use of sound, music and scales as a whole. Sound itself conveys spiritual teachings in a way that the  written word never will. This is hard to envision unless you have experienced it. There is to this day, a reason why some things are oral. The overall sounds and rhythms enable consciousness to embrace different modes of being….while the written word in modern times is seen as superior, it really should not be thought of as such, more like better for certain purposes. Oral lore, is just as a valuable, while less familiar to the Western mind is still today employed by even us modern people in the West to a powerful effect. I am sure one can think of such teachings, even if its only a humble nursery rhyme, which may or may not contain teachings……

Just as secrets are hidden within scripture, of many ways i.e. numerology(gematria), symbolism, metaphor, psychology, inner maps etc., another important consideration is to protect the reader. Putting your hand in a flame will get you burnt, but there are ways to be safe from the flames. Thus it is with spiritual practices world wide…. you can get burnt. So, secrets are as much to protect cultures as they are to protect individuals and their collective group. Where better to hide a huge secret, than before you, in plain sight….. thus the greatest secret is there is no secret as it’s already there in sight….Thus the outward is truly sacred as it is inseparable from the inward.

Unlike a fundamentalist of any kind, scripture works as it breathes… When we have determined the final answer what is left? A fundamentalist will tell you that the bible says John had 3 houses….and thats that. Or that the speed of light is yadda yadda. Much like science at its heart, it is always open, always ready grow and gain new views and interpretations, thus it is true for scripture. Prophecy, the book of revelations for example, is a superb example. Prophecy by its very nature stretches to the end of time. Each new generation is able to see new insights into it. To a Western mind this may seem stupid. But what if these ongoing developing understandings are a very part of the nature of prophecy and to an extent, scripture also.

This is just a tiny piece of speculation, which rings true for me, but not necessarily you. Recently in reading, I read the idea that there is a difference between knowing, understanding and experiencing “Jesus.” But, I understand for many, the first two are of primary concern. For me, they never have been.


“I am the murderer of joy,”said the Angel of Death,

“The widower of wives, the orphaner of children–”

“Why always run yourself down?” said Rabiá–

“Why not say instead:’I am he who brings friend

and Friend together’?

Doorkeeper of the Heart: Versions of Rabi’a