Cataloguing the last 225 of my life  I reach the chronological age that homo sapiens in the West call ?0.  Maybe as one who has Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry, I was meant to wait until this birthday  to truly focus on Qabalah; the past few decades have essentially been a build up to this. My practical work thus far was focused slightly differently. Looking forward to all the exploration, the beings I will meet and the adventures I will have. My theme of course at the moment is the birth of a certain child. Is this in relation to the ongoing appearance of the Queen of Spirits? Who knows. Song for the day is definitely NOFX:

I say don’t drink and drive
you might spill your drink
before you get behind
that wheel, just stop and think
you can take your chances
but there’s so much to lose
another bumpy road,
there’s so much wasted booze.
I’m not so worried
about how many I kill
I’m much more concerned
with how much beer I spill.


That Seems to sum up how life is….


“Who is here and what there?

Who is here is what is there.

He who is universal,

And He Who is particular is universal.

There is but one Essence,

The light of the Essence being also darkness.

He who heeds these words will not

Fall into confusion.

In truth, only he knows what we say

Who is possessed of spiritual power.”

–found: Ibn-Al-Arabi: The Bezels of Wisdom (Classics of Western Spirituality)