I descended to the midst of the underworld, and I shone down upon the darkness.

It is I who poured forth the water.

It is I who am hidden within radiant waters.

I am the one who gradually put forth the All by my Thought.

It is I who am laden with the Voice.

It is through me that Gnosis comes forth.


–Trimorphic Protennoia



         He took me down to the Jordan, planted me,

Took me up  stood me upon its bank.

He broke and gave me bread,

Blessed the cup and gave me thereof to drink.

He placed me between his knees

And pronounced over the me the name of the Mighty Life.

“He entered the sea before me,

He cried aloud that I might hear,

That I might hear he cried aloud.

                  Íf there is strength in thee, Soul, come!

                  ‘If I go into the sea I shall sink,

I shall be overturned and perish from the world!’

To heaven I lifted mine eyes

And my soul waited upon the House of Life .

I went into the sea and was not drowned,

I came, the life of my Self I found,

Yea, Life! lo, Life! Life hath triumphed over this world

And Life is victorious.”


–The canonical prayerbook of the Mandeans (ES Dower)