I, like everyone else, have had my own personal

“sturm und


” about God and existence. However, in the back of my mind

I always believed that, if I could get beyond this internal conflict,

I might be able to realise

Ain Sof. Eventually I reached a

fundamental understanding that existence revolves around the still

centre of the “Life/Death Principle.” In my quest for what I

perceived to be the hidden truth, I personified “Death” as a

“Mother archetype,” and through a most intimate communication

with this anthropomorphized principle, I was led to comprehend a

“Model of the Universe,” that blueprint of existence which

Kabbalists call the

Etz Chayim or Tree of Life. With this tool I was

able to face basic issues of existence, like the question of “Time.”

It is certainly most important to grasp the “Ternary of

Time” if one wants to understand what is happening within the

womb of our Great Mother, which is the eternal process of genesis,

the “

Ladder of Descending and Ascending Stages” commencing in

the “Hidden Origin,” unfolding in the evolution of all existence

throughout cosmos, and returning back into the “Infinite No-

Thing.” This is the fundamental meaning of the “Tree of Life,” and

once this is understood, one can reverse the machine of time for

oneself so to speak, and reach back to the original state of


Peace Profound

within the Eternal Life/Death Process.

In fact, the so-called “

Abyss,” shown on the Kabbalistic

Tree of Life, is in one sense the vagina of the Great Mother, and

the seven

Sefirot below it the creation of all that was, is and ever

will be

, constantly emanating out of that “Dark Womb in the

Now.” Conjointly, the three “Supernal

Sefirot,” that is, the three

Spheres above the

Abyss, might then be considered the “Male

Seed” of the

Great Emanator, suggested by the Upper Triangle, or

the Hebrew letter

Alef ()), the Life–Death principle of all that is

and all that is not. This would be altogether beyond time since even

time must issue from the womb of the Great Mother.

Comprehending this will facilitate the ability to reverse the

machinations of time within ones own being, but

Time itself is a


–Jacobus Swart(the book of self creation)