Wind is the second sphere of Creation spiraling into
existence. It is also known as Choch’mah—literally: hollowed
out. Also: Wisdom. The Creator’s Breath of Light became
Wind and hollowed out a space in No-Thing in which
there now arose the possibility for Some-Thing. This is
the beginning of what you experience as wisdom. No wisdom
comes to us when we are filled with it. Wisdom only comes
when we are void of it, when we have hollowed out a clear
space in our selves, and created room for experience and
for what experience teaches us. Wind and Choch ‘mah are
therefore symbolic of the very initial phase of your genesis
from the realm of No-Thing.

–Gershon Winkler

Kabbalah 365: Daily Fruit from the Tree of Life

Gershon Winkler is a widely recognized scholar in the fields of Jewish law, lore, theology, and mysticism. A descendant of a scion of rabbis originating in Judea, Rabbi Winkler has devoted much of the past two decades to writing and teaching about the lesser-promulgated wisdoms of Judaism and to Hebraic scriptural interpretation. He has published fourteen books since 1980, four of which have seen several printings. His most recent works include: The Judeo-Christian Fiction, Kabbalah 365: Daily Fruit from the Tree of Life, and Magic of the Ordinary: Recovering the Shamanic in Judaism.