People need to eat…

 but granted, there is a fine line between a genuine teacher..and one who is simply selling stuff (however good their out put may be) Personally I’m having a kind of spiritual crisis…. I’ve come to conclusions that well are a bitter pill… What I think about Tolle, not that I have read much! he is good at a certain stage.

There are so many beginner books out there….numerous…a ridiculous amount. In fact I’ve thought about writing my own…but I know publishing is a joke, I might just do a website. But in the end, beginner books like Tolle..and similar “stage” books like “A course in miracles, conversations with God” etc are great. But, as been hinted…you need to return to the source texts. Tolle et al will help you undertstand those texts.

For example read tolle, then pick up the upanishads or the tao te chin…..or do it the other way around… You will gain further insight into these ancient texts.

One clear lesson is that, there is only one ritual. People often wonder around looking for a ritual a magic formula, a practice, a way to do things… there is none. The only ritual is that of “creation” from nothing to something and something to nothing (which if one looks deep enough is the same thing). Different people have different requirements of course; the rosary, a chant, recitation, occult rituals etc. can all be useful, for some. Those that have been extremely removed form the divine…in some way.

Ultimatly of course they end up being a distraction. A simple truth is that the purpose of rituaol is to not have ritual. SO the purpose of mantra, rosary, meditational practise…etc. is to not have one. So that one BECOMES….you cease to pray, cease to meditate…you just are…you ARE the prayer, you are the meditation. Of course understanding this, and living it, is a different kettle of fish.

 From Tolle then, we gain a spring board…a spark. Once ignited there are choices, do we follow the road often trodden, one of more books, more toys, more te4chniques… or do we stop….stop….and stop again. Until we embrace the silence.

 For it is only in silence that we can become Gnosis.