One day a man went to market. He was a hungry man.

He knew that he wanted something tasty, which would fill his belly.

He knew he wanted something that would keep him alive, healthy and able

to run 8 miles every day.

So the man arrived at the market and bought some apples.

He took them home. He wasn’t sure about his apples.

“Why should I eat these apples?” He pondered.

Just then a newspaper arrived. On the back page was an advertisement

for apple munchers anonymous. So the man went to this group. Once there at the group, people all sat around, with a bag of apples. They discussed the merits of green, red and all the colors of apples. They all described apples, pondered if apples really were healthy. But none of them really knew what an apple tasted like, because eating an apple was something they could not fathom.

Instead they wrote some songs, painted a picture and erected a church. A religion formed around apples. The holy apple Corp.

The man bemused and befuddled, attended this church, sermons were read

Parables about the holiness of the apple were read.

By now years had passed. The man still had not eaten an apple. But it did not matter. He no longer believed in apples. He no longer cared about apples. Bitter and sore, he spent the rest of his days denouncing apples. But never once could he describe the taste of an apple.