“The Christian life of virtue is not only a life in which we strive to
unite ourselves to God by the practice of virtue. Rather it is also a
life in which, drawn to union with God in Christ by the Holy Spirit, we
strive to express our love and our new being by acts of virtue. Being
united to Christ, we seek with all possible fervor to let him manifest
his virtue and his sanctity in our lives. Our efforts should be
directed to removing the obstacles of selfishness, disobedience, and all
attachments to what is contrary to his love.”


–Thomas Merton ( Life and Holiness )




“Before I began my study of Zen,

mountains were just mountains,

 and trees were just trees.


During my study of Zen,

mountains were no longer mountains,

and trees no longer trees.


When I became Enlightened,

mountains were once again mountains,

 and trees once again trees.”