consider this…..

which is better a tree or a piece of paper?

Which is better some sand or a glass window?

Better is subjective….

those that cling to non dualism like to deny dualism…and vice versa
both are however stances, beliefs, ideas, maps…..concepts

A map of london is a map of London
A picture of London is a picture of London

If we say that the map of london is non dualism, as it contains the whole of london
then we could say it is good, and perhaps better for one that wanting to travel around london

A photgraph of London is dualism, for example, because London s probably too big to fit onto one photograph. But a photograph is useful for a specific part of London, for example if we wish to visit piccadilly circus, a photograph of the stone liions would be good, to help us identify it, this is something we cannot find on a map.

So we have dualistic and non dualistic views of London.

Both are useful
But both are maps, models, conceptualisations
Neither IS London….

London thus, Like God, Like Islam, Like Judaism, like Buddhism, like….
is Dualistic and Non Dualistic…
It all depends on perspective.

Or as the famous Muslim Kahlil Gibran said:

We see things as we are
Not as they are.