Questions lead to Answers


Answers lead to Questions








The more you look, the further you will need to look.


Stop looking and simply learn to be where you are.


There are no hills to climb, no paths to walk,


No rainbows to collect gold from


There is just this present moment.


The more I question the more answers I have


The more answers I have, the more questions I gain


The dog chases its tail all day


Yet, its food is before it.


To go beyond questions and answers


One simply has to “eat”


For one does not know how an apple tastes


Until they eat one.



One cannot present evidence when one cannot define that which is beyond definition (God).

Concepts and definitions be they of God are merely approximations, compromises. In themselves they are nothing.

People lose their way by worrying about concepts, definitions, evidence and proof.
I do not require a concept, a definition, and evidence or proof to eat soup, I just eat it.

The map is not the territory, is difficult for some. Concepts help us conceive, but we fall into the trap of thinking that which is conceived is the same as the concept we give to it.

A tree is a tree, even if we call it an ostrich.



The follower of knowledge learns as much as he can every day;

The follower of the Way forgets as much as he can every day.


By attrition he reaches a state of inaction

Wherein he does nothing, but nothing remains undone.

To conquer the world, accomplish nothing;

If you must accomplish something,

The world remains beyond conquest.




–Tao Te Ching