By Jacobus Swart



Note: This information comprises a compilation from the works of several writers on the subject. You may call this a “light” study of the subject, which is very much a rudimentary introduction. This study is however detailed enough for you to apply very well. If you require a bibliography, recommendations of other material, or more advanced material on the subject, I will be happy to oblige with details. I hope your computers will display the Hebrew letters appearing in these documents. If not, please let me know, and I will either forward you the Hebrew True Type Font used here, or tell you where to find it on the web.


The Science of Numbers, called Numerology by modern practitioners and which, for the sake of differentiation, is called “Figureology” here, is certainly easier than any of the other oracular, or esoteric investigation practices into the soul. It is very simple and certainly one of the most fascinating branches of mysticism in general, and of Kabbalah in particular. Today numbers are associated only with our day-to-day living, e.g. time, distance, age and commerce, thus numbers no longer have a special value beyond the mundane. In the past however it was realised that each number is representative of some specific power. Numbers emanate a deliberate influence on the person aligned with them through the birth date and personal name. At birth we immediately come under the influence of certain vibratory forces, let us call these vibrations “influences”, these being our “birthright” as it were. We can detect these influences by examining the date of birth.


The figures within the birth date indicate three attributes: 1. physical; 2. emotional; and 3. mental, or, in other words, character or personality, as well as certain qualifications we incarnate with at birth. By adding the figures of the birth date together we get a ruling number, which shows what has to be developed, or which way the person with that specific ruling number or digit should go, as well as the kind of experiences that will be encountered in life. Yet even though civilization in the 20th century rejected the science of numbers outright as mere superstition, man still associate subconsciously with numbers, e.g. a person wit a strong will and great determination is often referred to as the “I am who always wants to be number one.” Number 1 is the strong personality or individuality or individuality. Religious matters are associated with Number 3, and 3, besides being a number of perfection, is the number of spirit. So people are still affected, beneficially or detrimentally, by the mysterious influence of numbers in their daily lives.

It should be obvious that people should choose vibratory influences, such as names and colours, which harmonise with the numerically detected power influences acquired at birth, rather than attaching themselves to disharmonious forces and frequencies, having some detrimental affect on them. The name of a child should be in total harmony with its numbers, which must then be used from day one, almost like a “mantra”, since that is actually what the name is. The constant use of the name of the child is associating the same qualities, both physical as well as psychological, with people having the same name. Thus we know what a John, Jack, Anne, Paul or a Stephen behaves and looks like. This is difficult to explain except in an esoteric way. Parents should know that they have the power to give a child some head start in life, by giving them a name appropriate or in harmony with their birth number. We cannot alter the birth number, but we can strengthen weaker vibrations, and support good qualities. A strong name affects the whole life of the individual.

Maybe it is appropriate to start with man and his specific number which is six. This number is traditionally made up of 1 + 5. Number 1 is associated with the Divine Ego, and number 5 with the soul, and the five senses. Man is however a triune being inside a body. These three parts are called in Kabbalah the Nefesh, Ruach and Neshamah . They may be called a Lower Self, Middle Self and Higher Self, which needs to be studied in greater detail, and we will definitely discuss the Soul in Kabbalah in the near future.The three parts can also called the material, psychic and spiritual planes of being, or the physical, emotional and mental abilities, or even the physical, astral and mental planes. All these correspond, as we see when we compare them in the following manner:

Higher Self

Middle Self

Lower Self

Spiritual Being

Psychic Being

Material Being

Mental Ability

Emotional Ability

Physical Ability

Mental Plane

Astral Plane

Physical Plane

Man must become equally effective on all planes, powerful, and consciously active in all of his being, aspects and abilities, in order to attain wisdom whose number is 9. There are in fact only nine numbers, all being contained in the number 9, since all numbers can be resolved into a single digit. Each number has a particular influence, a definite vibration or frequency, and a definite effect, either mental/spiritual, emotional/psychic or physical, on man’s life. Using the Kabbalah of Nine Chambers (BQP NW} – AIQ BEKER), we divide the numbers into three groups or planes, according to the principles of Physical, Emotional and Mental, or whatever. The numbers therefore function, according to certain rules, on three levels of consciousness, these being 1. the material or physical level, involving the five senses; 2. the astral or psychic level, involving the emotional or soul senses, through which we get not only the cultural aspects of life, e.g. art, music, and creativity in general, but also clairaudience, clairvoyance, psychometry, and other psychic abilities; and 3. the spiritual or mental level, involving the mind, or higher consciousness, through which we get what is called inspiration, ecstasy, revelation, divine realisation, and Cosmic Consciousness. each level or plane is also divided into three sections or degrees, as is shown in the following diagram:










                    3, 6 and 9  – Spiritual, Mental level

                    2, 5 and 8 – Psychic, Astral level

                    1, 4 and 7 – Material, Physical level

The numbers 3, 6 and 9 are therefore related to the highest plane; 2, 5 and 8 are connected to the emotional, or soul plane, and 1, 4 and 7 belong to the lower life or material level. In Kabbalah we believe these levels to be unalterable, because through the positions of birth numbers on these levels, we can at a glance do a fairly complete character analysis, tel the temperament, health and abilities of any individual, and through deduction analyse what the destiny of that person is likely to be, as well as what the individual is likely to accomplish.

To continue our study we should now attempt an understanding of each number, to know what each number represents, and also to realise how they interact and influence each other, that is whether they enhance or diminish each other’s value and power. This is of the utmost importance when determining health, the general character, or a suitable occupation for the person whose numbers are being analysed. The following chart will prove very helpful in terms of seeing at a glance the general effect of the numbers on each level.

3 6 9

These numbers are inclined towards professional and mental occupations, e.g. medicine, law, religion, etc. Teachers, lectures, accountants, politicians, secretaries, and all the higher professions, even sometimes musicians, are related to these numbers. They rule the nervous system and the head, and therefore philosophers and other great thinkers always have some of these numbers influencing their lives.

2 5 8

These numbers mostly give artistic or travelling occupations. Travellers, aviators, sailors, artists, actors, and even electrical engineers, are often well represented on this level, because of the changeable nature and movable influence of these numbers. They give creative ability, psychic power, invention ability, and the ability to foresee the future. These numbers rule matters associated with the emotional side of the personality, e.g. relatives, marriage, home life, children and friendships, and they rule the area between the throat and the hips.

1 4 7

These are the solid, physical, concrete numbers, ruling all things related to the earth. They give organising ability, force, business ability, the power to fight and overcome obstacles. They often bring their bearers in contact with things associated with the earth, e.g. horses, land, cattle, and engineering involving large machinery, but also give skill in the use of fire, iron and steel. They are very scientific, especially combined with the numbers 0 or 8, and rule the feet and the legs.

This provides a basic and general outline of the influences on the various levels. However, one should never cling to closely to this outline, since each number has a particular power and provides a particular strength, and therefore the birth date chart must be observed as a whole, carefully considering the value of each number in the square of the Kabbalah of Nine Chambers, which we will call the diagram. Also important here is the ruling number or digit, as it is commonly called, which, although it does not affect the personality directly, is the major key to knowing destiny, indicating what has to be developed in this life. The digit indicates the qualities we lack in our lives. It can happen that in a particular diagram a specific number is not only repeated several times, but appear also as the ruling digit. Remember that each number has many attributes, and can be expressed in many ways. As an example, take the date of a person born on 22nd April 1974. The date is thus:


These numbers are now added, as well as the numbers of the total, until they are reduced to a single digit, in order to arrive at the ruling number or the “Life-path digit.” Thus:

                    2 + 2 + 4 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 4 = 29

                    2 + 9 = 11

                    1 + 1 = 2

Afterwards the birth date is placed on the diagram in the following manner:

  4• 7

We realise that even though this person will have a lot of the power and characteristics of number 2, there is still a lot to be developed and gained in that specific area, which is why number 2 is also the ruling number. You can see from the diagram that when a number is repeated, we place dots according to the number of repetitions behind the original number. You will also note that although the numbers of the century were used in calculating the ruling number, they do not however appear on the diagram, because all people born during this century are equally under the influence of those numbers, which shows the general trends in terms of thoughts and actions of the world in a specific century, and not those of the individual under consideration.



1 (the first number of the Material or Physical Level) is the most important and must powerful of all numbers. It stands for the Ego, Individuality, the Divine Spark incarnated in the body. It influences and exerts a powerful action on the other numbers, in fact to a greater degree than they can affect it. Thus number 1 repeated twice can overbalance one number 8, even though they are together only a quarter of the value of the 8. Number 1 provides determination, strength of will, the power to rise above the material to higher matters, but gives also some selfishness if not balanced by other numbers. If there are repetitions of the number in the birth date, it is inclined to make the person obstinate, stubborn and not easily swayed from a viewpoint or action which was decided upon, but if the other numbers are favourable, the personality will reflect a very strong will combined with great physical force, a lot of ability in business or the chosen profession, followed by a great deal of success. So we find such persons having good positions in all walks of life. Number 1 harmonises with all the other numbers, but in particular with number 5, since 1 is very often the result of 10 reduced to a single digit, and 5 is half of 10. The number 0 gives dignity to all the numbers, and whether for good or ill accentuates their power. The number 10 occurs among people who have reached a position of prominence. Number 1 also governs journeys and travelling, and brings public recognition. It is a scientific number, and cause an inclination towards occultism and esoteric subjects such as metaphysics.

2 (the first number of the Emotional Level) is the most complex number of all. It has many attributes and ways of expression, and since it is the first number on the Astral or Psychic level, it tends to lead to the development of all psychic faculties. It always gives a dual personality, or a tendency to go to extremes in any direction. Individuals with a number 2 reach great heights or depths, also in their fluctuating moods, and according to other influences operating in their lives. The number 2 is inclined to bring reserve, extreme sensitiveness and shyness, and if the number is repeated in the birth date, it gives a lack of ambition and self-esteem. These people so influenced will be intensely sympathetic, feeling things very strongly, but will also be very undemonstrative. This can be to such an extent, that no-one will be aware of how they really feel. This is because the number 2 gives great control over the emotions and all feelings, such as anger. When the number is repeated in a birth date, the individual in question never wastes time in violent anger, but can be extremely bitter and sarcastic. Many marriages are unhappy or end in divorce when this number is important in the life of one or both of the partners.

It is however a very artistic number, giving musical ability in some measure, and many famous actors and actresses have one or more of this number present in their birth date. Same with inventors and fiction writers, which is easily understandable when one realises that the number 2 is a psychic figure, giving power in contacting inner or other than human intelligences, as well as mental planes and other levels of thought. All inventions, whether they are literary, musical, artistic or mechanical, exist in the vast sphere of mind, beyond physical consciousness and the ordinary senses. We can only reach this level through the psychic senses.

There is however no energy in number 2, and it gives a love of ease, comfort, luxury and artistic surroundings. yet there will be a lack of resources, such as power or energy, to achieve these if this number is not strongly supported by physical numbers.

3 (the first number of the Spiritual Level), is the most difficult number to realise in ones life. It is the first number of the three spiritual numbers, and is represented in mysticism by a triangle which symbolically represents fire. The number 3 is the most mystical number of the Spiritual level, representing religion and philosophy. It stands for all matters related to the upliftment or teaching of mankind. Individuals whose lives are strongly dominated by the number 3 have many trials and tribulations to overcome, being always in the midst of trouble, either personal or of other people. They become perfect beings due to their experiences in this direction, and because they voluntarily sacrifice themselves for others. When number 3 is the ruling number or digit we realise such an individual reached a most important state in soul evolution, that obligations of the past are being resolved, and that deeper initiation is occurring.

Three is a very powerful number and is easily over-ruled and affected by other numbers. It is also closely related to numbers 6 and 9. These three figures are in fact inseparable, particularly when 3 is the ruling number or life digit. If the number is repeated, it gives an inclination towards narrow mindedness in ideas as well as being fixed in these, e.g. being rigid in a particular religion, clinging to one line of thought, and being rather orthodox in viewpoints. If it occurs only once, or is a digit, it has no great effect on a life beyond giving a good strong will, and indicating many trials.

4 (the second number of the Material Level) is an extremely lucky or fortunate number, and certainly the finest number of all in terms of material and physical things, providing good friends, opportunities, money, vitality and physical strength. It rules land, cattle, and all things related to the land. It brings money through investment and speculation, and through what is called as being “lucky.” When repeated however, it gives a tendency towards one direction, and it lacks personal initiative. If it is however combined with 1 or 8, or both, then it gives the ability to periodically advance greatly in life, with the end of the life being happy and very comfortable. It has no power beyond solidarity and strength, but provides good opportunities in whatever direction is indicated by the other numbers. It is the least common of all the numbers, and certainly uncommon as a ruling number.

5 (the second number of the Emotional Level) is an extremely important number indeed, being the centre of all the other numbers. It stands for the heart and the soul, giving ambition, energy, activity, restlessness, love, travel, change and the desire to rise above circumstances and the environment. 1 and 10 are the numbers of God, the Divine Principle incarnated in the flesh, or the True Self, and 5 is the number of the soul. Together 1 and 5 equals 6, which is the number of man. The numbers 5 and 10 are closely related, and when the ruling number is 5, the number 10 is even more important when past or future events are observed. Number 5 harmonizes with 3 and 7 as well.

Number 5 is extremely affectionate and sympathetic, giving love and desiring love, but is not strong by itself, needing strengthening from physical numbers, which then makes it one of the best numbers to have in a birth date. It is however the number of communication and quite emotional, causing individuals to experience matters acutely. If the number is repeated, without it being strengthened and supported by other numbers, it creates a lack of will and self-control, making the individual a fool, and far too easy-going to really make progress in life. In some conditions the number could create difficulties due to drinking and gambling or any other thing requiring will, determination and strength of mind to overcome.

However it is an extremely psychic number, which is the reason for its weakness, since those dominated by 5 are easily influenced by outside forces, such as discarnate spirits and any subtle conditions in their environment. They adapt so easily that it may appear as if they were many different personalities, this being in accordance with their surroundings, and their moods change extremely quickly.

Yet another side of number 5 is its energy, ambition and desire to rise. If the number is well combined with other numbers, it brings advancement in life, and if 5 is the ruling number, the individual invariably grows to the highest possible position attainable within the particular walk of life chosen by that individual. There is therefore an achievement of greatness because of energy, activity, effort and ambition.

6 (the second number of the Spiritual Level) represents man and the mind, having a strong and helpful influence in almost all directions. All birth dates are improved if this number is present, since it provides a quick and active mind, good reasoning power, and the ability to see ideas from more than one point of view. Individuals having the number 6 in their birth date are seldom narrow minded or bigoted in their outlooks, fond of investigation, looking at the cause of things, and, rather than accepting the opinions of others, will think things out for themselves. They like reading, acquiring new knowledge, and would often store a massive amount of information of diverse kinds. They are quick-witted, quick at repartee, readily able to grasp any problem presented to them, and often sarcastic and argumentative.

Number 6 has a fine effect on other numbers, providing stability to the impulsive astral or emotional numbers, and mental ability to the physical numbers. If it is repeated in the diagram it is rather negative and give a tendency towards mental and nerve problems, e.g. anxiety attacks.

7 (the third number of the Practical Level) is one of the most powerful numbers in a birth date, and one of the most important in its affect on mankind today, having many attributes and influences. it stands for service, sacrifice and perfection, since perfection is only attained through service and sacrifice. It is wrongly called a spiritual number, due to its frequent appearance in Holy Scriptures, yet if these references are carefully examined it will be noticed that the number 7 refers to situations involving sacrifice, battle, or perfect actions on the physical level, or something carried to a successful end. It provides virility, power, strength, intensity and is essentially a fighting number. Individuals with 7 in their birth date have many difficulties and obstacles to overcome, responsibilities to bear, but will fight through obstacles which other might shrink from.

Number 7 also gives abilities in terms of mechanics, is related to steel, iron and fire, thus many men with the number 7 are mechanics or working with steel instruments. Those who are soldiers because they love fighting, frequently have this number, and as a ruling number it tends to make life difficult and complex, also requiring sacrifice.

8 (the third number on the Emotional Level) is a changeable, restless, psychic erratic and unreliable number. If it occurs once in the diagram it is good, even if it indicates loss of some kind or another, but if repeated it will make the individual too restless to achieve much success from a financial point of view in life. On the other hand the number 8 is progressive, and when combined with other strong numbers, it can cause success through journeys and change. It is more effective than other numbers as a ruling digit, making for pioneer work in many fields, or causing the individual to create new paths, sometimes in unexpected directions. The number 8 rules journeys, change and death, and gives prophetic vision and other psychic ability, but those dominated by this number are not likely to settle down very early in life, since they will love variety and change, and therefore make changes in their occupation several times. Again sailors, persons employed on ships, commercial travellers, truck and motor drivers, etcetera, frequently have this number strongly positioned in their birth date, finding in such careers the expression of the restlessness of number 8.

It is also an artistic, musical and sympathetic number, causing the individual to be willing to give, to do and to sacrifice for others. Yet the number also brings sorrow and anxiety through the home, domestic life, and friends, and is thus the sacrificial number of the Soul or Emotional plane, demanding sacrifice in matters related to this level. Like number 5, it makes individuals fond of travel, change, and happy surroundings, causing them to largely reflect their surroundings and environment. It makes people start with great determination, and capable of doing a great deal, but unfortunately interest will lag and wane, they will fall short of their ideals, and then transfer their interest to something appearing more desirable for a while. They lack concentration, but in later life accomplish great things, and make great progress, having gained a lot of knowledge from the earlier experience, especially due to the many changes.

9 (the third number of the Spiritual Level) represents wisdom, and being the final number, contains all the attributes of all the numbers. Only after having passed through all the experiences, and learned all the lessons of the other numbers, can we attain Wisdom in the true sense of the word. Number 9 gives true inspiration and spiritual insight, and represents the intuitive Self.

It rules learning, philosophy, and the higher professions, e.g. divine studies, law and education, thus barristers, government officials, teachers, priests, and great musicians usually have this number in their diagrams. Number 9 makes the individual tactful and discreet, but gives the contrary and is not fortunate when repeated, except in very rare cases when balanced and fortified by very strong physical numbers. As a ruling number it brings responsibilities in life, a need for diplomacy and tactful judgment, and is neither fortunate or unfortunate. This number rules positions of authority, trust, rulership and government, and brings the responsibilities connected to these positions.


Make sure you understand the attributes and meanings of the numbers, otherwise you might find yourself hopelessly lost in your readings. Before making deductions and drawing conclusions, study each number carefully, and weigh even more carefully the possible effect of one number on another. This is the secret of success in the Science of Numbers. If the diagram contains only two or three figures, each of them of entirely different natures, careful judgment is needed, but in this as in all of the analysis, practice makes perfect. Remember too that although the ruling number is not important in judging temperament and character, there is always a need for the life to go in the direction indicated by the digit. There will be especially such a tendency if the number is also repeated in the diagram. The tendency will increase with age, because having been placed in the class indicated by the ruling number, in order to gather the experiences associated with it, the individual became harmonised with it, and moulded accordingly, thus responding more easily to its vibrations or frequencies. However the ruling number or digit is extremely important when events in life, their occurrence, fortunate and unfortunate periods, are considered. Practical readings can be given only when this is clearly understood.

For the beginner it may be best for practical reasons, to start analysing the birth dates of well known people whose characteristics and careers are known, and as a practical example I chose to analyse for you the birth date of Annie Besant, a previous president of the Theosophical Society, born on 1st October 1847. Her diagram looks like this:

1.10.(18)47 = 22 = 4

1• 4 7


Here all the numbers are on the physical or material level, and Mrs. Besant was considered essentially a down to earth, materialist sort of person. Yet there is something else. Number 1 repeated once makes her forceful, strong, autocratic and determined, and number 4 brings her good opportunities, friends, and gain through them. Number 7 indicates struggles, losses, obstacles to overcome, massive difficulties to be surmounted, and often disappointment when success seems inevitable. There are no numbers on the emotional level, leaving her unemotional and undemonstrative, unfortunate in friendship and domestic matters, and uninterested in a social life and emotional pleasures, e.g. acting, dancing, music, etcetera. There are also no mental or spiritual numbers, but the 0 of her birth month, would give phenomenal success in the occult, metaphysical and other esoteric spheres, especially combined with the powerful and capable individuality indicated by the number 1.

It has been said that her ability to organise, her purpose, strength, authority, love of power, grasp of detail, and her ability to use to her best advantage those whom she came in contact with, made the Theosophical movement what it is today.


To begin a deeper study of Kabbalistic numerology, we have to realize that each month has an allocated number providing the key to understanding specific energies operating during that specific period. These numbers are as follows:





MAY – 5

JUNE – 6

JULY – 7









We understand that we have free choice in many matters concerning life on this earth. The subject of “Destiny, Fate & Free-will” needs to be closely examined, and again a forthcoming message will deal with that from one Kabbalistic perspective.

Now, although we are able to change events, e.g. home, vocation, and even our names, our dates of birth can never be altered. As indicated earlier, using the simple formula of adding the numbers of your date of birth and reducing it to a single digit, the “Life-path digit,” pointing to the main frequency driving your life is found. Now let us look again at how the “Life-path digit” is calculated. To recapitulate what was shown before, to calculate this most important number of someone born, for example, on 27th May 1952, the numbers are reduced to a single digit by plain addition.

Day Number         –     2 + 7                                  =     9

Month Number      –     5                                         =     5

Year Number        –     1 + 9 + 5 + 2 = 17 (1 + 7)    =     8

                    Total      9 + 5 + 8 = 22 (2 + 2)          =     4

So the “Life-path digit” of someone born on this date is then FOUR (4). There are two important numbers with special energy frequencies, these being ELEVEN (11) and TWENTY-TWO (22), called “Master digits,” to which special attention must be given. We note here that before the number was reduced to its singular frequency of FOUR, the number TWENTY-TWO (22) appeared, to which, as said, special attention must be given.

Having arrived at the “Life-path digit” we must apply the simple understanding of the digits as explained before, as well as look at the more advanced meanings pertaining to “Life-paths.” These are:

1 “Life-path” number 1, the first number of the Material or Physical Level, is called “The Innovator.” If you have this number ruling your life, you are required to stand on your own feet almost from birth. Virtually all natural leaders have this number governing their lives, since it attracts energy frequencies engendering independent action. Thus the number 1 represents the individualist, the innovator of ideas, making personal decisions, who is at his or her best when holding the reins. People governed by this number are ambitious, acting with firm will-power, courage and independence, yet should guard against a tendency to dominate, as well as egotism and self-seeking at the expense of others. The individual having number 1 as a “Life-frequency,” should be careful not to act only according to personal desires, since accusations of contrariness and tyranny, will be directed against that individual. If this is your ruling number, be careful not to rebel against responsibilities placed on you, since number 1 as a strongly advancing number always aid you in leading and assisting others in a practical and fruitful manner. In all matters you should trust your own final judgment after due consideration was given to the needs of others.

2 “Life-path” number 2, the first number of the Emotional Level, is called “The Diplomat.” If this is your ruling number, association and assimilation will be important influences in your life. You will be required to follow the lead of others, and should cultivate diplomacy and tact. Others will map out progressive ideas for you to put into practice. The meaning of service and co-operation will play an all-important part in your life, while peace and success can be found in your capacity to back up ideas. If you behave in a positive way you will become noted for your gentle charm and friendliness but apathy and shyness, as well as deceit and cowardice, must be avoided if you wish to by-pass unnecessary pain and trouble. The frequencies of this number are excellent for those who want to make diplomacy on all its levels their career, yet when the negative energies of this number begins to govern, the field of espionage with its associations of deceit will emerge.

3 “Life-path” number 3, the first number of the Spiritual Level, is called “The Expressive.” If this is your ruling number, life will lead you along a path filled with opportunity for self-expression. You will learn to view the optimistic side of all situations, and you will be called upon to boost the morale of others. If you give of yourself freely and joyously you will experience rewarding responses from those around you. The energy frequencies of number 3 always leads to finding joy in living. The negative of this number is unnecessary extravagance and spectacle, i.e. the need to show off, which must be avoided at all costs, since you do not need any props in your life. Your own personality will show you the way. Those negatively influenced by this number are noted for boastfulness and exaggeration.

4 “Life-path” number 4, the second number of the Material Level, is called “The Builder.” If this is your ruling number, you will be called upon to attend strictly to duty in life. You will know that if you lay foundations well, all enterprises will meet with success. There will however be no short cuts to happiness. Joyful hard work will be your life motto. Those ruled by this number are the loyal, conservative backbones of the world, noted for their practical dedication and service. However, on the negative side, they should beware of falling into a rut through restrictive thinking leading to destructive fundamentalism. Another danger arising from the negative influence of this number, is dogmatism, and a negative energy influence of this number leads to vulgarity and violence. However, the most profound results of this frequency come from true dedication to the job in hand.

5 “Life-path” number 5, the second number of the Emotional Level, is called “The Rejuvenator.” Persons ruled by this number, can expect frequent change and variety. Since this is the number of communication, those having this number as their “Life-path digit,” will experience a great urge for freedom of thought and movement in their lives. If this number is your ruling number, you should use this influence to your advantage, and learn to adapt to new situations and surroundings. The unexpected will always be around the corner so no time should ever be wasted in remorse or despair. It will benefit those under the influence of this number to study foreign languages, especially early in life, for this is a universal “Life-path” number. Again if this be your ruling number, you should try not to become too attached to material objects for you may suffer at their unexpected loss. There will be a need to cultivate patience and real loyalty for there could be periods of restriction interspersed with many changes of direction. The negative energy frequencies of this number is the scattering of your versatile powers through actions prompted by the baser emotions. This should be avoided at all costs.

6 “Life-Path” number six, the second number of the Spiritual Level, is called “The Harmoniser.” Adjustment towards responsibility will be your path if you are under the influence of this number. Yours will be the task to create harmonious conditions for others to work and live in. Cheerful and efficient service will be required from you to succeed and you can become a pillar of home and community, respected and loved by all. Many “sixes” have great musical talent or artistic ability. All have an inborn sense of justice, but must guard against the too strict imposition of their own ideals on others. The negative influence of this number is pride and cynicism which must be avoided like the plague, for these negative emotions could destroy the inherent harmony.

7 “Life-path” number seven, the third number of the Practical Level, is called “The Thinker.” Individuals under the influence of this number will have to learn to be alone and yet not lonely for this is the “Life-path” of individual wisdom through strictly personal effort. If you are under the influence of this number, you will find that others will come to you for solace and guidance, and you must develop your inner power resources to become a fit and useful counsellor. Rest, meditation and study should be your key-words, for from the silence of your inner self will come the strength to assist you to help others. Keen mental analysis must be applied to all situations. Steer well clear of melancholia and sarcasm, which is the negative energy frequencies of this number, since it will lead to destructive malice and deceit.

8 “Life-Path” number eight, the third number on the Emotional Level, is called “The Expansionist.” If this is your ruling number, power and authority of a material nature will be placed in your hands. Your own judgement and discrimination and the exercise of a strong free-will will determine your success or failure. Many “eights” are born commercial and industrial leaders, but should learn to realise that others are not all endowed with the same qualities. Those having this number as their ruling number, will have plenty of self-confidence, and should use this to guide their subordinates without becoming intolerant and over-demanding, this being the negative energy frequencies of this number. Another negative energy influence is self-ambition which, if allowed to rule too strongly, will be a danger of becoming unscrupulous. Use your power with wisdom and consideration and many doors will open to you.

9 “Life-Path” number nine, the third number of the Spiritual Level, is called “The Universalist.” If this is your ruling number, philanthropy and compassion should rule your life. Generosity in all dealings is the hall-mark of successful number nines. Nine symbolises the energy frequency of the teacher and the healer, who practices humanitarianism on a large scale. Those under the influence of this number will possess much personal magnetism and should avoid any tendency towards egocentricity, the negative influence of this number, which could result in aimless dissipation of your talents. Any undertaking in your life will only succeed if your actions are prompted by high unselfish motives. All number nines have the ability to do much good for the community if they learn and understand the laws of free will and service.


Two numbers remain, the “Master digits” referred to earlier. These “higher” numbers are 11 and 22, must be considered if they are reflected in the calculation of your date of birth. These numbers represent the higher frequencies of numbers 2 and 4, and they begin to apply in the lives of individuals who have coped with and assimilated the two slower energy frequencies of 2 and 4. The “higher” numbers influence the great men and women of the world, who have the potential to inspire their fellow towards spiritual illumination or material progress. There is however a major negative energy influence related to these numbers, which can be termed “personal power.” Many, having these numbers, are unfortunately unable to meet their obligation to mankind due to a predilection for personal power, which negates the positive forces working in their favour.

Let us now look at the two numbers:

11″Life-path” number 11 is called “The Visionary.” This is the path of the philosopher with high ideals; the explorer and inventor; the man of inspiration who can become a living example to other men if he realises his God-given privileges. Those under the influence of number 11 should learn to listen to the voice of intuition and accept the guidance which will come to them from a loftier sphere. Their path is one of non-accumulation of material things and the gathering of the spiritual to provide inspiration for all other beings. The eleven “Life-path” is not an easy one and rewards are seldom found in this world.

22″Life-Path” number 22 is called “The Statesman .” The number 22 indicates the immense energy frequence which inspires the true statesmen of this world. The men and women who use their unusual power, material or spiritual, to engineer constructive service to mankind on a broad scale. This lofty path is the most difficult of all. The ultimate accent should be on providing service to others with a minimum of self-seeking. Self-seeking on this path is in fact its negative, which could create a tendency towards megalomania or a “messiah-syndrome” as it were, resulting in grave disaster influencing many lives. The true Global Statesman, as a “Messiah figure,” will lead a lonely life, but will reach his or her reward if power is employed for the benefit of all.



Our lives are divided into three major cycles. The first cycle, named “Accumulation” and corresponding to the Element of Air, commences at the moment of birth and extends through to the end of the 27th year. The second cycle, named “Production” and corresponding to the Element of Fire, starts at 28 years and extends through to the end of the 55th year. The third cycle, named “Harvest” and corresponding to the Element of Water, starts at 56 years and extends through to the end of the 83rd year. Finally, if this is aged is reached, the fourth cycle, named “Return” and corresponding to the Element of Earth, commences at 84 years and extends through to the end of the 111th year. Should the age of the individual extend beyond this cycle, a new “Accumulation” cycle, corresponding to the Element of Air, starts at 112 years, and so forth.

Every one of these cycles comprises four sub-cycles of 7 years each, and each of these four sub-cycles corresponds in turn to an element. For example the first cycle, “Accumulation” corresponding to the Element of Air is made up of four sub-cycles, the first sub-cycle corresponding to Air and thus again named “Accumulation”, the second to Fire (“Production”), the third to Water (“Harvest“), and the fourth to Earth (“Return”). We would thus call the first sub-cycle “Air in Air” or “Accumulation in Accumulation” and this corresponds well with the first seven years of your life. The second period of seven years would then be “Fire in Air” or “Production in Accumulation”, etcetera. If you study the meanings of the Elements closely, you will see how these correspond very well to these cycles and sub-cycles. There are other interesting correspondences such as the Tarot related to the study of these cycles, but it is a bit too big a study for this introductory course. We can certainly look at it in the future if you require more advanced information.

On closer inspection it will also be noted that the life cycles are based on the number 28, corresponding to the amount of days there are in a lunar cycle. The cycles of the Moon, or the Great Mother, also extends in years to 28 years per cycle. Each cycle is not only belonging to an Element, but is ruled by a specific individual number. The number of the first cycle corresponds to the number of the month of birth. That of the second cycle corresponds to the number of the day of birth. The number of the third cycle corresponds to the number of the year of birth, and, since the fourth cycle represents assimilation and “return,” it is said to refer to a process of integrating the three previous cycles and the experiences associated with them. This is where a rather interesting “law” is indicated of “three-acting-together-as-one”, but I will address this in a separate posting.

The following example shows how the personal Life Cycle numbers are calculated. Say someone is born on 19th December 1945, the Life Cycles of that individual will be as follows:

1st Cycle (the number of the month of birth) – 3

2nd Cycle (the number of the day of birth) – 1 (1 + 9 = 10; 1 + 0 = 1)

3rd Cycle (the number of the year of birth) – 1 (1 + 9 + 4 + 5 = 19; 1 + 9 = 10; etc.)


Having ascertained the numbers of the Life Cycles, the individual only needs to know the meaning of each of those numbers in terms of the cycle they are in. These are as follows:


1 Individuality must be encouraged in those having this as their first cycle number. A sense of isolation will become evident if the parents, and others in authority, act in too restrictive a manner.

2 Kind but firm discipline is essential for those under the influence of this number in their first cycle, in order to overcome lack of initiative. This cycle will be highly emotional for those whom parents tend to pamper and spoil.

3 Those falling under the influence of this number could be too expressive with a grave danger of scattering their forces through indulgence in frivolous and unstable activities. Early self-discipline must be encouraged here.

4 The influence of this number in the first cycle usually brings some material limitation and restriction, but opportunity for foundation-laying for the future will abound. Mental depression must be avoided, and a wise guiding hand can assist greatly.

5 For those under the influence of this number during their first life cycle, there could be much change, travel and variety, with the attendant dangers of too much freedom leading to personal excess. Hardship can be avoided through development of self-discipline, but guardianship should be liberal.

6 If a cheerful and willing attitude to life is not cultivated from an early age amongst those under the influence of this number in their first life cycle, home-life will be restricting and burdensome. Excess protectiveness and guardianship for these people must therefore be voided. Musical aptitude should be encouraged.

7 Children under the influence of this number in their first life cycle, are often seriously misunderstood. They will have an urge to be alone, which should be accepted and understood as indicative of a need to acquire inner strength and not as anti-social behaviour.

8 A sensible attitude towards the value of money must be cultivated in those falling under the influence of this number in their first life cycle, since material comforts will not be wanting for them. Individuals starting with this cycle are often spoiled by indulgent parents, and could lack judgment in money matters.

9 Most individuals under the influence of this number in their first cycle, will feel a vague and disturbing nervousness in personal dealings. They could also have a sense of aloneness, which can be alleviated if energy is channelled into some humanitarian activities.


1 For those falling under the influence of this number in their second cycle, this is almost inevitably a cycle of success if personal and individual action is evident. Thus events will favour those who act with initiative and courage.

2 For those under the influence of this number in their second life cycle, their would be great opportunity if their careers revolve around diplomacy or study. Great reward will come from the quiet accumulation and dissemination of knowledge.

3 For those under the influence of this number in their second life cycle, there will be great enjoyment of life, if full personal expression is employed. This is a cycle of social activity and personal endeavour.

4 For those under the influence of this number in their second life cycle, this will be a fine period to lay firm foundations for the future. Diligent concentration and attention to detail will result in the manifestation of powerful stability.

5 The influence of this number in the second life cycle brings freedom and release from care for those who accept constant change and activity. This is the cycle of wide travel and vigorous recreation.

6 For those under the influence of this number, this will be a cycle noted for happy and harmonious conditions in both the home and work sphere, if due attention is paid to family obligations.

7 For those under the influence of this number in their second life cycle, this would be a wonderful period for deep study and analysis. A seven middle cycle usually brings poise, wisdom and faith.

8 Those under the influence of this number in their second life cycle, will have the opportunity for material expansion. Anything undertaken from a positive and constructive viewpoint will succeed.

9 For those under the influence of this number in their second life cycle, universal gain can be acquired through selfless service. However, this could be an unhappy cycle with regard to personal relationships as the accent might be too strongly focussed on community welfare.


1 For those under the influence of this number in their third life cycle, constant effort and activity will be required. This will be a busy cycle and only worthwhile if the necessary effort is made.

2 Politicians and public servants thrive if this is their third life cycle. Diplomacy at all levels will be a strong point and there may be a strong urge for collecting material.

3 For those under the influence of this number in their third life cycle, there could be strong artistic activity and many friends. The accent will be on self-expression and there should be great enjoyment of life.

4 Those under the influence of this number in their third life cycle, may find this period to be unfortunate if solid foundations were not built in the earlier life cycles. This cycle will require constant effort and hard work.

5 Those under the influence of this number in their third life cycle, will find this to be a period manifesting travel and pleasant variety when least expected. There should be freedom from care and worry.

6 The interests of those under the influence of this number in their third life cycle, will be concentrated around the home and close community. There will be a feeling of protection and harmony.

7 Those under the influence of this number in their third life cycle, may develop a deep interest in the spiritual side of life. Research work will flourish, as would all aspects of mental activity.

8 Those under the influence of this number in their third life cycle, will find that personal loss will be compensated for by universal gain, because this energy cycle brings the possibility of great achievement.

9 Those under the influence of this number in their third life cycle, will find that devotion to unselfish service wll bring great spiritual reward, but there could be some grave personal loss.


The fourth cycle is meant to be similar for all people, since it is a period in which all are to digest and assimilate life experiences in readiness for rebirth, either in this or in a next life.


Here we will look at the major personality traits as represented by the number of the day of birth. The main characteristics for each day of the month is presented for easy reference.

1st Strong-willed and self-reliant. Practical and idealistic but inclined to procrastinate. Extremely independent.

2nd Emotional and keenly sensitive to surroundings. Loved by friends for warm-heartedness despite an inclination for absent-mindedness. Moody at times and likes material ease and comfort.

3rd Vital and filled with vigorous imagination. Strong self-expression with a variety of interests. Restless nature which needs channelling of abilities. Loves society and has many friends.

4th Loves family and country. At home with nature. Loyal and solid citizen though inclined towards dogmatic views. Tireless worker and self-disciplinarian.

5th Adaptable and imaginative. Enjoys embelisshments and trimmings and can be a booster or a boaster. Craves for movement, variety and travel.

6th Longs for praise and affection and has the ability to give freely in turn. Dislikes personal criticism and can be domineering in the home.

7th Keen brained – always seeking truth. Prefers solitude to crowds but needs and respects close friends. Dislikes change and is insistent in trusting own judgment.

8th Progressive and expansive. Commercially creative and productive. Fond of display and of an adoring family circle. Wants to lead, never to follow.

9th Broad-minded and philanthropic. Interested in metaphysics and its relation to world problems. Natural ruler. Emotional and strong-willed. Thrives on change and travel.

10th Has many interests and is capable of handling a variety of projects simultaneously. Strong personality who can be cool with strangers but is hospitable with close associates. Filled with vitality.

11th Determined and perseverant. Dramatic in thought and action. Can be fickle at times and apt to impose own code of morals too strictly without making allowance for the failings of others. A constant lover who is subject to emotional extremes.

12th Magnetic and creative personality. Prompted by high ideals but inclined to flirt with the opposite sex. Sometimes scatters forces through impulsive action.

13th Sensitive and imaginative but can be set and stubborn. Strong love of nature. A tendency to hide true emotions.

14th Versatile and prophetic mind. Born gambler. Emotional and apt to self-indulge but is basically sincere and can form a bridge between the physical and spiritual matters.

15th Conscious of harmony. Protective towards friends and family. Absorbs knowledge easily and attracts material success.

16th Aloof but very kind. Loves home and family affection. Tendency towards nervousness. Uses mind constructively but can be very introspective. Is never actively aggressive.

17th High minded and proud. Conservative but very generous although seldom yielding to outside ideas. Wants to lead and can be successful in big ventures.

18th Likes change and activity, travel and independence. Fond of reasoning and arguing and extremely self-dependent. Usually charming company.

19th Logical and persevering. Tenacious with much practical ability. Can rise to great heights and delve to the depths of emotion. Never bothered by inferiority complexes and capable of results at a variety of occupations.

20th Dislikes responsibility but is a loyal worker. Diplomatic and faithful. Emotionally sensitive and warm-hearted. Can be shy but is kind and considerate.

21st Fond of beauty, art and dancing. Highly nervous but always obviously sincere. A good companion though inclined towards unnecessary suspicion at times.

22nd Objective and stimulating. Lives on nerves at times but is very intuitive. Successful when efforts directed as a contribution to the common good.

23rd Sympathetic and sensitive. Understanding and comforting. Is usually practical as well and filled with self-confidence. Popular and fond of social contacts.

24th Craves changes but finds difficulty in concentrating on more than one matter at a time. Much artistic talent. Inclined to magnify joys and sorrows but is a pillar of the home circle and will learn much through personal powers of observation.

25th Prophetic and intuitive. Tendency to conceal true feelings and emotions and is often misunderstood as motives are generally pure. Should cultivate artistic ability. Must combat melancholia.

26th Introspective but has a fine domestic instinct. Loves children and animals. Fastidious in personal matters and usually has extraordinary colour sense. There could be a tendency to dissipate energies unwisely.

27th Forceful and determined but materially inclined. A good versatile leader who can be too dogmatic about the value of his own vies. Some erratic tendencies.

28th Very affectionate but strong-willed and sometimes domineering. Unconventional in thought. Likes to excel and can be guilty of magnifying situations and results. Loves personal freedom.

29th Spiritually inspired and capable of leadership with beneficial results. Can be too extremist in views regarding the welfare of others. Generally nervous and highly-strung.

30th Vital and healthy. Precocious and set in opinions. Inclined to flirtation but basically loyal. A good companion and homemaker.

31st Loves travel and does not like living alone. Needs responsibility and stability. Never forgets a kindness – or an injury. Aspirations are high but not always attainable.


We will now study the keys to interpreting the overall energy frequencies affecting the affairs of the world in any given year, month, and on any single day. This can be easily done by calculating the UNIVERSAL NUMBERS or frequencies of a specific year, month and day. Similarly, each individual can calculate the PERSONAL NUMBERS or frequencies of a specific year, month and day. The meanings of the UNIVERSAL and PERSONAL year, month and day frequencies then provide a guide to a group or an individual action at any time.


To calculate the UNIVERSAL YEAR number frequency of a specific year, the number of the digits of that year are added. For example:


1 + 9 + 7 + 5 = 22

2 + 2 = 4

1975 is thus a 4 (four) Universal Year energy frequency.

To calculate the UNIVERSAL MONTH number frequency of a specific month, the number of the month is added to the number frequency of the Universal Year. For example:

JUNE 1975

The Universal Year Number = 4

The Month Number = 6

4 + 6 = 10 = 1 + 0 = 1

June 1975 is thus a 1 (one) Universal Month energy frequency.

To calculate the UNIVERSAL DAY number frequency of a specific day, the number of that day is added to the number frequency of the Universal Month. For example:

17th JUNE 1975

The Universal Month Number = 1

The Day Number 1 + 7 = 8

Add the Month and the Day Number 1 + 8 = 9

17th June 1975 will be a 9 (nine) Universal Day energy frequency.


To calculate the PERSONAL YEAR number frequency of a specific year, the number of your birthday is added to the Universal Year number frequency. For example:

Birthday: 14th December

Calender Year: 1975

Day Number: 1 + 4 = 5

Month Number: = 3

Universal Year Number: = 4

Personal Year Number: = 5 + 3 + 4 = 12 1 + 2 =3

An individual whose birthday is the 14th December will have a 3 (three) Personal Year energy frequency in 1975.

To calculate the PERSONAL Month number frequency of a specific month, the number of that month is added to your Personal Year number frequency. For example:

Personal Year number: = 9

Month (e.g. June): = 6

Personal Month Number: 9 + 6 = 15

1 + 5 = 6

For an individual whose Personal Year energy frequency in 1975 is 9, the month of June will be a 6 (six) Personal Month energy frequency.

To calculate the PERSONAL DAY number frequency of a specific day, the number of the that day is added to your Personal Month number frequency. For example:

Personal Month Number: = 6

Day (e.g. 17th) = 1 + 7 = 8

Personal Day Number: 6 + 8 = 14

1 + 4 = 5

For an individual whose Personal Month energy frequency is 6, the seventeenth day of that month will be a 5 (five) Personal Day energy frequency.

Considered from a Kabbalistic/numerology point of view, it is good to calculate your Personal Day, Month and Year energy frequencies, as well as the corresponding Universal Day, Month and Year number frequencies, before taking any important decisions. To briefly restate the formulas, we say:

UNIVERSAL YEAR NUMBER: Add the digits of the year.

UNIVERSAL MONTH NUMBER: Add the Universal Year number to the month number.

UNIVERSAL DAY NUMBER: Add the Universal Month number to the day number.

PERSONAL YEAR NUMBER: Add the numbers of your own day and month of birth to the Universal Year Number.

PERSONAL MONTH NUMBER: Add the number of the month to your Personal Year Number.

PERSONAL DAY NUMBER: Add the number of the day to your Personal Month Number.



1 (ACTION) Action and Decision wit the accent on Independent Thinking. A time to start new projects.

2 (ASSIMILATION) Assimilation of facts and the use of diplomacy in all dealings. The time to be patient.

3 (EXPRESSION) Optimism with the accent on personal effort and expression. The time to get up and go.

4 (WORK) Foundation laying and concerted effort. The time to build for the future.

5 (CHANGE) Change, travel and variety. The unexpected – so beware of scattering forces. The time to use your initiative.

6 (SERVICE) Responsibility to be faced and adjustments made gladly. The time to harmonize home and work conditions.

7 (REFLECTION) Research. Mental Analysis. The time for planning.

8 (EXPANSION) Material expansion through self-reliance and controlled endeavour. The time for growth.

9 (COMPLETION) Round off old projects in preparation for the new. The time to finish things, never to start.


The following table shows the tides in terms of personal and material affairs during Personal Years. IN tides are more favourable than OUT ones.


1 IN


3 IN


5 IN




9 IN and OUT