“Most people think that God is infinite. But that is incorrect. The infinite is that which goes on and on in space. However, God created space and is therefore not bound to the laws and limitation of space. If we describe God as infinite, what we really mean is that God is spaceless. Infinite is the opposite of finite, while spaceless means ‘free from the limitations of space.’ The One who is spaceless is free to be both beyond space and within space simultaneously. Therefore, God is beyond this finite world and yet God completely inheres every inch of the earth.



        Most people think that God is eternal. But that is incorrect. Eternity would be that which goes on and on in time. But God created time and is therefore not confined to the limitations of time. If we describe God as eternal, what we really mean is that God is timeless. The eternal is the opposite of the temporal, while timeless means ‘free of the limitations of time.’ The One who is timeless is free to be both beyond time and within time at the same time. Therefore, God is both beyond time and yet within every moment, completely lifting it with His entire presence.



        And when we say that God is One, we really mean that God is nondual. One is limited; it is the opposite of many. But nonduality is free of the confines of one or many. Nonduality is free to be beyond the many and within the many. Therefore, God is beyond you, me, and everyone else in this world, and yet also within us.

        How can the unlimited be expressed within the limited? How can the unlimited God be expressed within time, space, and finite beings?



        If the unlimited could not be expressed within the limited, then that would be a limitation. Ultimate freedom must include the freedom to choose to be restricted. Otherwise freedom wouldn’t be free, it would imply a limitation of choices—you could not choose to be restricted and limited.



        This is the meaning of the kabbalistic principle called the tzimtzum—the divine self-restriction. Kabbalah says that God withdrew His Endless Light in order to create a place for time, space, and finite beings. God then filled time, space, and the diversity of beings with a restricted light so as not to overwhelm His creation and obliterate its existence.



        Therefore, according to Kabbalah, God is free to be both beyond time and within each moment, beyond space and within every inch, beond multiplicity and within billions of finite human beings. Bod is free to be manifest as one hundred percent transcendent and yet also one hundred percent immanent.”


—David Aaron (The Secret Life of God: Discovering the Divine within You )