When the caterpillar changes it becomes a butterfly.

It hasnt LEFT the world but it now is able to see the world from a bigger perspective now some would argue the butterfly has left the world, by being a caterpillar it can leave the leaf.

The leaf here represents the world, nature.

The butterfly however can move beyond the leaf.

The leaf is still a part of the bigger picture, a part of the field for example.

But as a caterpillar, thwe entire world is just a leaf.

As Gnostics we seek to be butterflies and see the field.

Some would use this to argue that the leaf is “worthless” or to be devalued. But the leaf is but a part of the field.

As butterflies we can see there is no leaf, there is only the field.

The leaf becomes lost, gone..as we are butterflies and we are of the field.

change is inevitable growth is optional choose wisely