generally tarot decks go


KIng  fire

Queen water

Knight air

and here must be your princess earth



You of course raise a valid point.

We see this in kabbalah in the fractal nature of things, worlds within worlds. Or Etz chaim (tree of life) within each emanation.


So we see this in tarot, water contains fire air water and earth

and so on.


So what do we get?


YHVH the tetragrammaton is generally seen as:


father mother child consort


The Yod and the Vau are male

the two Hehs are female.


This of course can lead to us looking to the Gnostic myth of Sophia, there being a heavenly Sophia and a fallen material Sophia (Sophia Ecamoth)


But we return to our oringinal conundrum. How can male be female and female be male?


Well as we have demonstrated lately, certain people in this group are incapable of seeing polarity and SEX for what it is, a DYNAMIC changing force.


So the four elements in the court cards in tarot represent:

The four qworld of Kabbalah






or as more standard from WIKI:


Atziluth (אֲצִילוּת), or “World of Emanations”; on this level the light of the Ain Sof radiates and is still united with its source.


Beri’ah (בְּרִיאָה) or “World of Creation”; on this level is the first concept of creation ex nihilo however without any shape or form. This is also where the Highest Ranking Angels are to be found.


Yetzirah (יְצִירָה) or “World of Formation”; on this level the created being assumes shape and form.


Asiyah’ (עֲשִׂיָּה) or “World of Actions”; on this level the creation is complete, however it is still on a spiritual level. At a later stage there is the ‘physical Asiyah’ comprising our physical world with all its creatures.





from idea to implementation… air leads to fire to water to earth

idea…transformation of idea..emotions and spirit and physicality…



We also see dynamic polarity. Not only do the four elemnets in the court cards represent the four modes, four world, 4 elements, 4 animals (ezekiel) etc. but they also represent polarity.


For as you point out, Fire contains water and earth, thus fire is Male but it is also female. How is this possible you cry?


It is possible as polairty is DYNAMIC, it changes constantly. One returns to kabbalah, the sefirot, they are not male or female, they are always BOTH at all times. A first mistake of many beginners is to think that Hod mercury is male, Venus Netzach is female etc. This is incorrect…they are both. Polarity IS DYNAMIC. We can see this dynamism in pretty much ALL paths that speak of polarity. The Hindus do not refer to it as a DANCE without reason.


So How can Yod and Vau be female and male?

It depends on where you are.

WHich world, which expression you are in.


Or ultimatly:


We see things as we are

Not as they are


–Kahlil Gibran