Only crime and the criminal, it is true,
confront us with the perplexity of radical evil;
but only the hypocrite is really rotten to the core.
–Hannah Arendt
A bigot is a person who, without thought, is intolerant of opinions, lifestyles or identities differing from his or her own, and bigotry is the corresponding attitude or mindset. Bigot is often used as a pejorative term to describe a person who is obstinately devoted to prejudices, especially when these views are either challenged, or proven to be false or not universally applicable or acceptable.
The origin of the word bigot and bigoterie in English dates back to at least 1598, via Middle French, and started with the sense of “religious hypocrite”, especially a woman.
Forms of bigotry may have a related ideology or world views.
Main Entry: big·ot 
Pronunciation: \ˈbi-gət\
Function: noun
Etymology: French, hypocrite, bigot
Date: 1660
: a person obstinately or intolerantly devoted to his or her own opinions and prejudices ; especially : one who regards or treats the members of a group (as a racial or ethnic group) with hatred and intolerance
Hate is more lasting than dislike.
–Adolf Hitler
Cults of Sin: limitations of sexuality within the Western
magical traditions by Visionath Chozzarain 333.

For my  friends Runar Karlsen and John Balance
and all practitioners of the magico-experimental
and monopolar acts of Love.
During the last six years I have been studying the
teachings of societies and individuals within the
Western esoteric and occult hemisphere that fused
together various aspects of sexual lore from
1850 and up until  WW II.  In fact, not
much has changed in the world of the occult
regarding sexual taboos .  For instance, most of
the occult teachings of sexuality of the last
hundred and fifty years view homosexuality as a
perversion of Nature.
Allow me to give a few examples of some rather
peculiar notions presented by the socalled elite
of Western occultism in the past. Gareth Knight,
an initiate and authority of the Golden Dawn-school
in his book A practical guide to qabbalistic
symbolism ( 1976) gives the following statement:
”Another common form of deviation is linked
with the differentiation of the sexes. One
sees men refusing to be men and women
refusing to be women”.
This is indeed  hate and prejudice camouflaged
as scholarship .  Knight takes the whole issue
a few step further when he continues: ” This
does not refer to the more obvious forms of
perversion such as homosexuality[…]”.  
It is somehow alarming that Knight is still
seen as an authority within the occult world… 
Even Dion Fortune(not surprisingly of the same tradition) 
in her book ’Sane Occultism’ (1987) says: ” [….] 
an unnatural vice known as homosexuality […].
It is a very cruel form of vice, as the victims
are usually boys and youths on the treshold of life.”
 I have been a practicing tantrik of the Adinatha
tradition since I was 20, and I have used several
sources for inspiration in order to create a
system of sexual magick that worked for me as a
personal, non-dogmatic tool. Sexuality is a very
private sphere for most people, and when
persorming sexual magick it may be wise to
perhaps work either in solitude or with
specific partners outside current established
Orders or societies, since far too many of
them – at least their individual members 
-are riddden by taboos, dogmas and prejudice
that may hinder you on the Path of Liberation.
 In Hindu tantra, the  Kleshas are veils which
keeps us from seing the truth about our own selfs,
and a hinderance in the pathway of Sveccachara. 
In the case of your own sexuality, kleshas may
be the debris of social conditioning that
prevents you from gaining access to your
own true nature.  In the efforts of your
way to liberation, it is of great importance
that these kleshas are crushed so that one
may become free of all the limitations that
everyone, everywhere ineviatbly  at some
stage in their life are trapped within. 
In youth, crushings of the kleshas might
for instance be to dare to accept the fact
that you are attracted to and  love people
of the  same sex as your own, despite the
fact that everyone including your friends,
your family and even the courts of the
country in which you live would want to punish
you if you even dared to feel the way you do.
My own religious orientation is the belief that
everything which exists in nature contains a
seed of the Divine, and thus anything may be
charged with Divine energy  – both as symbols
and and as vessels of the Gods. Therefore 
in my opinion only a limitation of our understanding
of the various sentiments and interactions within
nature can be termed perverse  -only a restriction
of the multitude of options in spiritual growth
can be understood as perverse.  Homosexuality
is as natural as heterosexuality  -it is a simple
fact of natural biodiversity  very much depending
on structures of genes and of course also of
habitat.  How can one talk of spiritual
transformation through sexuality and union
with God or the Godhead if one is actually
working with dogmas of  perversion in terms
of acts of love between men?  The absurd
notion is that since homosexuals are not
bi-polar and reproductive in terms of
actual fructification of the female womb ,
they cannot partake in the Sacraments of
the Mystico-magickal marriage of the Divine
and our spirit? As if homosexuals were not part
of but rather a misfortunate miscarriage of Nature itself?
Within every single one of the Western doctrines
of sexual magick that I have studied, regeneration
is the alpha and omega of it all. Homosexuality
is despised and frowned upon as if it were
against nature itself. Not only has ontological
evolution based on male-female intercourse been
the axiomata and straight-jacket of Western
sexual-magickal and mystical teachings -it has
also been the blindfold against any other
possibilty of evolutionary patterns. Within
our framework of The theory of relativity
and astro-physics,  this smells rather
badly of sheer stupidity.  If we for
instance accepts the theory that there are
such things as a Universe B or ’n’ , and
even a Meontological universe placed precisely
inbetween these two, of what use is the formulas
of orthodox reproduction?  Basically null and
void, and incidentially null and void are the
quantities of the equation of traversal.
Qabbalistically, this theory would be placed
 in the transgression point via the sephira
Daath, but also in the matrix of egress
situated between Kether and the Circles of
Ain, Ain Soph and Ain Soph Aur. 
Let us take a look at Eastern tantra in
regards to Divine Union between
God ( The Absolute/Brahman),  gods and man.
Within Tantra, the teachings of the Maithuna
and the Samhita  (that is, the Divine Union
between Man, the Gods and Brahman) employs
the acts of thought, respiration and seminal
emission as the tools and motions of the
practioners, and thus the link between the
yogins,  the Gods and ultimately the
Absolute ( God) is established.  It is of minor
or no importance whether the practioners are
male -female, male- male or female-female.
Though the mandalas, yantras and mantras
the Gods descends. The mandala or yantra
is the Glyph constructed as Sacred Space
outside of Time.  The Gods descend into
the insignias through the center of the symbol.
  They fill the Cosmic Space, and are then reabsorbed
into the practiotioners ( Yogins).  Samsara is
shatterd through the Time- Space –reversal, and
hence the practitioners are transformed into
the Absolute.
This is the ascension into Godhood/Godhead
much in the same manner  as in the goal of
the Dhikr of the Sufi’s, expressed in the outcry
of mansur Al Hallaj : ”Ana el haq”, which may
be transleted as I am one with God. This is the 
pathway of every kind of religious mysticism 
and the goal of every genuine esoteric system. 
Given that the formulas are correct, the mantras
in touch with the Heart of the Mysteries and the
visualization of the image of the Gods of the
Operations is functional, the link is established,
and the  absorbtion into the Mysteries manifests.
In my solitary tantric work I have experienced
the Divine Union and traversal of our
Space-Time-conception through activation of the
Fire Snake at the Svadhistana  chakra through
Vishuddha and ending in the opening of the
Ajna Chakra  with feminine Gods.  The Gods
penetrate the Veil, and communications and travels
are the blissful results: in the pattern of
Yesod- Daath- The Pyramid.  The same effect may
be produced by a stimulation of the anus or
Muladhara chakra, and if we employ the mythological
 play of for instance Seth and Horus as the framework
for our experiments, we may come pretty close to
an ideal homosexual operation ( Crowley and Neuburg
used the Roman gods Jupiter and Mercury in
their ”Paris-Working”; gods from other pantheons
may fit just as well).
If production of Elixirs is the desired
goal, it in no way has to be a mixture
of masculine-feminine bodily fluids  -it
might just as well be male secretas only
( including  the Excretas  -a practice actually used in
tantric alchemy, and far too little employed in the
West becuse of the dogmatic notion that some parts
of our bodies or our bodily fluids are unclean
and abominable  -which of course is rubbish).
The writings and the teachings of The Hermetic
Brotherhood of Light/Luxor/ Eulis
( of which the Caliphate O.T.O. believes
itself to have originated from)  teaches
that sexuality is the basic, dynamic principle
of Nature, and that everything emnates from
copulation. So far, so good.  Then the
axiomata developes into  the theory about
man being the positive pole, and women being
the negative pole, hence it actually regards
 this bi-polarity of copulation as a
prerequisite for the performance of Union
with the Absolute, production of the Elixir
of Life and the homonoculi- operation.
In Liber Agape and Rex de Arte Magica,
which deals with the supreme secret of
the O.T.O. as contained within
the IX’ degree, Crowley actually adopts
Theodor Reuss’s, Klein and Hartmann’s term
”perversion” about operations which does not
use the Yoni or the feminine vessel as
receptoir of the Elixir. Why in Heaven
(and very much the bringing down of the
Heavens to Earth  is the issue here) did
he have to adopt this limited view? 
Crowley might have been a revolutionary
in many aspects of liberations of dogmas and
confinement, but why in the name of his
creation of the XI*-ritual of the OTO
and for all that his private experiments
into the core of sexual magick is worth
did he adopt this Freudian-Victorian notion? 
I think the time has come for us to employ
different tools  – a mixture of new and
old instruments that will create systems
of sexual sorcery more in touch with our Age. 
New Lore will be written, new experiments
will be carried out.  Only through
flexibilty and a desire for change will
we grow.  The past and present  of the
Aeon cannot be frozen and preserved in
the manner of a museum’s piece.
May all experience Liberation  -may the Light
shine in us all.
Iba Oshun Ashe!



Notes: Gareth Knight has since retracted his bigoted comments. In later editions of his book, he apologizes for his assertions. Knight is head of the “Servants of the inner light” mystery school, which was originally set up by Dion Fortune. Fortune herself left the Golden dawn to create her own school. Knight despite some peop0le’s revised histories, was never actually initiated by Fortune. Detractors often cite Knight’s involvement with Scientology and its principles.