Hidden Great Invisible Holy Spirit
Unimaginable Depths of the Divine Above
Overflowing with Grace
We ask that Your Loveliness would
Support our every footstep
Through Spiritual Fullness
Manifesting in Desired-for Wisdom
May we be receptive to Wisdom
May we be Empowered
with Gnosis


Eternity, as bestowing eternity…
Life, as bestowing life…
Blessed, as bestowing blessedness…
Acquaintance, as bestowing acquaintance…
Good, as bestowing goodness…
Mercy, as bestowing mercy and ransom…
Grace, as bestowing grace…
All these things
Not as possessing attribute
Rather, as bestowing them…
Your immeasurable, incorruptible light…
A wellspring of pure luminous living water…
Prior Acquaintance – Prior Knowledge,
Eternal Life,
Mother-Father; Father, Mother, Child…
Child of the Child…
May we be Illuminated!


May we Know
The essence of Wisdom
Shaped in the form that is Spiritually Desired
The essence of Blessedness
Shaped by the form of Spiritual Community
The essence of Understanding
Shaped by the form of Ever-Mindfulness
The essence of Agape Love
Shaped by the form that is Spiritually Motherly
The essence of Hope
Shaped by the form that is Spiritually Fatherly
The essence of Faith/Trustworthiness
Shaped by the form that is The Comforter

May we participate in
The Comforter’s Faithfulness
The Fatherly Hope
The Motherly Agape Love
The Ever-Mindful Understanding
The Spiritual Assembly’s Blessedness
The Desired-For Wisdom
Flowing through us
Around us
Permeating our being
Nurturing and healing
Shining light upon our souls
Revealing sparks of Divine Light