Benjamin (11:20:41) : psi (12:11:07) : Benjamin (10:29:32) : You know, bottom line the planet is getting warmer, whatever we can do to curb this trend is a good thing. So models don’t work, well duh…. the whole of science is a compramise, to fit models.. this is hardly news. The map will never be the territory, but an aproximation is an aproximation…. Seems to me this is just republican backlash or fuel companies etc. and those that are growing fat on contributing to climate change, for example all the Petrolium producers.. Perish the thought that things be made cleaner and more efficient!


Ben – I sympathize with your confusion, but your sociology is weak. Many, like myself, who are coming to doubt the veracity of AGW theory, are traditional liberals. Things can and should be made cleaner and more efficient. I would hope that informed conservatives will share this view — and I think that more and more of them do. But we should also not be stampeded into taking expensive actions that will have little or no effect to ameliorate a CO2 “crisis” that may not — I believe now *does not* — even exist. We have enough real problems to deal with. I suggest you review the evidence that is now piling up that AGW warming either does not exist at all or is, at least, very unlikely to produce the catastrophic consequences that Hansen et. al have irresponsibly predicted. Following these threads is a good start. Based on the accumulating data on Solar Sunspot cycle 24, it looks to me that we’re in for quite a cold snap over the next decade, if not longer. ………..



REPLY: This is all good and well… the problem is while we’re busy acting like dogs chasing ou own tail “climate change” is occuring. You know, we’ve known for decades weather patterns are chaotic and thus highly erratic and not really all that predictable at all…. even with supercomputers. While it may or may not be likely that AGW is real, it is largely unimportant. Should we as a race, a peoples… carry on as we are? Or should we act like responsible people and actuallly take care of things? It is almost that if AGW is declared as not real, it can be used to justify carrying on business as normal toward the planet’s resources.

What me worry? as Alfred E Neuman declares. Yes what me worry?


Its a matter of responsibility and choice. We can carry on being selfish or we can change. Of course homosapiens are greedy somma beaches, so this foruma nd the whole climate change debate is largely hot air… a sick person doesn’t get well unless they want to get well. But everyone seems focused on being right or spending money. They are not the bottom line… we need to think ahead, not a month, not a year, not a presidency, not a decade, but perhaps beyond our own life times!

Until the majority of homosapiens wake up to this, we may as well  put paper bags on our head and sing…