Love is hard upon the lover,
Love is hard upon the lover,
But the lover’s love he must love
If love he is to discover.

–Recourse (Rafael Alejandro Jara)


Metaphysical Knowledge (Gnosis) is regarded as the perfect union
of subject and object–there is no other valid Knowledge from the
metaphysical position–and it is this type of Knowledge that is
actively sought in Initiation (applied metaphysics), which differs
greatly from what physics attempts to do (or understand), especially,
when it involves domains that quantum physics denies, and has no
interest in pursuing.

As I’ve said many times before, it all comes down to choice;
one is always completely free to see in quantum physics some sort
of “totality”, a path to Gnosis, and stop there, satisfying
themselves that they have reached the end–while there will also
always remain others, who can not find in scientism, any sort of
equivalence with metaphysical Knowledge, and proceed beyond it.

–Br. Ma Rose


“And he who hath received the master-mystery of the First Mystery of the Ineffable, that is the twelve mysteries of the First Mystery all together, which rule over all the spaces of the First Mystery, he, therefore, who shall receive that mystery, hath the power to pass through all the orders of the spaces of the three Thrice-spirituals and the three spaces of the First Mystery and all their orders, and hath the power to pass through all the orders of the inheritances of the Light, to pass through them from without within and from within without and from above below and from below above and from the height to the depth and from the depth to the height and from the length to the breadth and from the breadth to the length; in a word, he hath the power to pass through all the regions of the inheritances of the Light, and he hath the power to bide in the region where he pleaseth, in the Inheritance of the Light-kingdom.

“And amēn, I say unto you: That man will at the dissolution of the world be king over all the orders of the Inheritance of the Light. And he who shall receive that mystery of the Ineffable which I am

–Pistis Sophia


“Man is truly alive when is aware of himself as the master of his own
destiny to life or to death, aware of the fact that his ultimate
fulfilment or destruction depend on his own free choice and aware of his
ability to decide for himself.  This is the beginning of true life.”

–Thomas Merton