A computer-generated rendering of a multi-dimensional geometry similar to a warped throat.

A computer-generated rendering of a multi-dimensional geometry similar to a warped throat. According to U.S. researchers, comparing theoretical models like this to the radiation left over from the early universe may provide a way to test the string theory model of physics.

The world’s nature is a harmonious compound of Limited and unlimited elements; similar is the totality of the world in itself, and of all it contains, . . . All things . . . contain Number.

Number … instills a certain proportion, and thereby establishes among all things harmonic relations. . . . The composite of these two things, the divine eternally in motion, and of generation ever changing is the World. That is why one is right in saying that the world is the eternal energy of God.

— Philolaus


Superstrings reduce to four dimensions, if one supposes that the ten dimensions spontaneously collapse into four, with the other six rolled up into a little ball at every point in space-time. In superstring theo­ries or super-gravity, we have generalizations of Einstein’s theory of gravitation that give possible ways of unifying everything with a single superfield that contains examples of all the kinds of particles that we need. . . . Superstring theory seems to require nine spatial dimensions instead of three (plus the dimension of time). The ex­tra dimensions would not then be perceived as such but would affect the spectrum of the elementary particles and the character of the cosmology of the very early universe.

–Murray Gellman


No less arcane than kabbalistic cosmology, the latest efforts of modern physics support the model of a multidimensional universe we will see to be encoded in the sacred science of the Genesis creation myth. And it may even be that the conflict of numbers between these two projections can be resolved. For on the kabbalistic Tree, there are three Sefirot above those lower seven definitive of the seven days of the cosmic world, which might be viewed as constituting transcendent dimensions above the cosmic seven and would thus raise the total number to that of the ten Sefirot.

Leonora Leet