“There is nothing left for me but to live fully and completely in the present, praying when I pray, and writing and praying when I write, and worrying about nothing but the will and the glory of God, finding these as best I can do in the sacrament of the present moment.”

Thomas Merton


Nature-born people of our times often show signs of degeneration. This is because the centre of gravity of their lives is rooted primarily in the intellectual brain consciousness. From that centre they may try to live the life of Gnostic pupilship. In this way, at most, they achieve a state, an experience, of religious observance, a life in which they sincerely try to serve God, the school and the Gnosis. But this state of pupilship is constantly being broken up and undermined, and cannot be sustained in the face of problems of dialectical life. For in essence, nothing changes when one tries to serve the Gnosis with the I-consciousness, with intellectual consciousness.

Seen from the point of view of the divine plan, this kind of religious observance is false; it has no foundation in reality. So you should strive not to imitate God, but to become one with God. That is the destiny of all creation. That is the plan. That is your calling. That is why the rose of roses dwells in your heart; to make possible your unification, your union with the Godhead which is within you.

Religious observance is therefore always a compromise. At most, it is a starting point. But if you remain at the starting point, without going any further, your religious observance will turn into ego observance. That is why, in the nature of death, there is always a conflict between religious and anti-religious people. That is why the field of religion is so rife with all kinds of experiments and confusion. That is why religious groups are constantly appealing to each other to unite.

These ideas may be new to you, so may we suggest you take some time to think them over? Then confusion will no longer torment you. Shift the center of gravity of your life. Make your form into the forecourt of a threefold temple. Carry out the purification of your heart, and thus prepare for an encounter with the God within you. Then He will be able to enter the sanctuary.

The path of Gnosis is the path of becoming one with God, and not the path of religious observance. The sage knows this, and puts it into practice. That is why he never ceases to seek and to find his centre of gravity in the still point at the centre of his being.

–J. Van Rijckenborgh and Catharose de Petri (from The Chinese Gnosis)


The solid must be the root of the light.

The still must be the master of the restless.

Therefore, wise people when travelling all day

do not lose sight of their baggage cart.

Although there are beautiful scenes to see,

they remain quietly in their own place.

Should a lord of ten thousand chariots

appear more frivolous than a simple traveller

To be light is to lose the root.

To be restless is to lose the master..

–Tao te Chin (chapter 26)

Translation by Gia Fu Feng & Jane English