polarity is always dynamic

despite the bigoted commentary that appears when polarity is discussed here, we can simply look at the symbol of taoism!

the yin is within the yang and vice versa.

Kabbalah 101: One of the first things we learn about Kabbalah is that

nothing exists in isolation, so there is no yin without yang, no Binah withouth Chockmah… no dark without light

in turn, everything is as important as each other. This simple lesson many beginners lose. They assume “Kether” the crown, the first emanation, being the first emanation, is

a) closer to God
b) by being closer and “first” it is more important.

Kabblah teaches us that

a) contrary to the previous opinion, each emanation is as “important” as another. This means in this context anyway, hierachy is irrelivant, a clock cannot work if you remove its hands, in turn it cannot work if you remove some of the mechanism.
b) The end is in the beginning, that the first emanation is “closer” to the ‘last’ or tenth emanation than the first is closer to the second emanation.

So what does this mean?
Polarity is dynamic. Its not called a dance in Hinduism for no reason at all !

So fire really isnt ever just male or masculine. You see, in Kabbalah 101, we also learn that every emantion is male AND female, at ALL times…which although Binah (saturn, understanding) or Netzach (Venus, victory) are depicted as feminine, they are not, they are BOTH……

You see, there really isnt sexism in “esotericism” if you dig deep enough