Why Christians Should Trust the Constitution


Bishop Thomas Saunders

The Jesus Seminar was a think tank, that compared the Gospels of Mark, Matthew, Luke, John, and Thomas. The result of this study was a book called, “The Five Gospels,” and it is the ‘standard,’ for showing literary parallels in scripture. The authors and members dedicated the work in part to Thomas Jefferson, recognizing his dedication to trying to understand the historical Jesus, and what he really said. (“The Five Gospels, Funk, Harper-Collins, 1993.)

The founders understood that common law and the rights of citizenship came about before Christianity. The Apostle Paul is well known to have saved his own life twice, by pointing out to Roman soldiers about to kill him, that he was a citizen and had a right to a trial This is known in law as a mandate against a ‘bill of attainder proper,’ which gives the ‘authorities’ the legal right to put you to death without a trial. Citizenship is supposed to override such deadly mandates, and provide a form of due process. Paul used this concept well, and survived leaving a powerful ministry.

The Constitution was crafted to provide liberty over the legalism that the Church as a political sovereign had used to become the ultimate earthly social and moral authority. The result was a disaster that fueled abuses like Inquisitions in the social fabric for centuries, to the point America became a safer haven from the abuse. The idea of the separation of church and state, is an attempted to establish liberty over the legalism and end the cruel extremism exhibited by the Church centuries before, and up to the point American law came about.

Today, the existence of the Faith Based political and social movement can be seen as dangerously close to creating a Theocracy within our own government. Some intellectuals have actually claimed America has become a Theocracy, like Kevin Phillips, who wrote, “American Theocracy.” He is far from alone in his assertion the Christian Right has influenced the abuse of legalism over liberty in the American interpretation of law. Some have gone so far as to endorse Biblical law over Constitutional law. Presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, Florida‘s Katharine Harris, and Oklahoma‘s Sally Kern are examples of elected officials who have gone on public record as endorsing Christian Nationalism.

From my own observation, I suspect that a lot of Christian Nationalists are good people motivated by what looks like a good idea. The most extreme in the Christian Nationalist movement hold that Biblical Law should take precedent over American common law, i.e. Constitutional protection.

”Our job is to reclaim America for Christ, whatever the cost. As the ‘Vice Regents of God,’ we are to exercise Godly dominion and influence over our neighborhoods, our schools, our government, our literature and arts, our sports arenas, our entertainment media, our news media, our scientific endeavors — in short, over every aspect and institution of human society.” ( See also: Wikipedia, Dominionists.) http://www.theocracywatch.org/about_us2.htm

The number of Christians who are a part of this movement is massive. They are trusting in Charismatics who lead them to their own slaughter in a trap the Apostle Paul, could not protect himself from…

There are some excellent books that document some of the movement and abuses of Christian Nationalism: “Tempting Faith” by David Koa, ”American Theocracy,” by Kevin Phillips, and “Faith and Politics,” by Sen. John Danforth. There are others but the fact is they all reflect a horrible abuse by the Christian Right. The objective of these people is to do away with the Constitution, and replace law with their idea of what the Bible says.

The foothold the Christian Right has in politics is shocking. Those sucked into the idea they can replace the Constitution, should realize that much of what is wrong with the country is due to the circumvention or plain abuse of ignoring Constitutional provisions. The most simple explanation of what the Right Wing advocates here is legalism vs. liberty. The first sentence of the U. S. Constitution calls for unity, justice, and liberty. The first sentence of the Oklahoma Constitution says to obey it.

Another very obvious wrong thing about this idea is it gives ‘certain’ Christians access to state power, and denies others. This is prima facie in Oklahoma where in the case of “Platter Holiness Church vs. Texoma Sand and Gravel.” Residents of the town of Platter suffered severe property damage due to the negligence of the state in enforcing protections against mining violations. The citizens who could prove damage, organized litigation.

(I should mention KXII T.V. did an expose on this matter, and I am on record for organizing the Platter effort.)

Tests were done on the properties by O.U. Geologists, and when near completion, according to David Burrage of the Burrage Law firm, the Geologists were told if they testified against the Mining company, the availability of government grants would be ‘zilch.’ The Platter case fell apart, and some people’s homes were destroyed. The networking that caused the ”out of court” failure of “Platter Holiness Church”
is the same Christian political network ”The Oklahoma Observer” has documented over the years. (See March 25th edition, 2008., and related cyber files Online.)

A political system of Christian Nationalism, prima facie just from this case alone shows that a Theocracy will not be able to support, and protect their own network. In fact the Conservative network of Oklahoma politics turned on its own. What the ”state” did was outrageous, but it is typical of the corruption in the of the Christian Conservative movement in the state.

Another thing the Christian Nationalists have not done is protected their own from con men like Brian K. Waite. Waite left Oklahoma after publishing a ‘hate’ book against Islam, which angered the folks of Quail Baptist Church in Oklahoma City enough for them to run Waite out of town. He then joined the Marines with false papers, became a Chaplain and was involved in more outrageous schemes, documented by the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. www.militaryreligiousfreedom.org

The push of the Christian Nationalist movement has crossed lines between the rule of law, and personal greed. Many otherwise innocent people who support the nexus of causes the Christian Nationalists have latched on to, don’t realize they may be involved in a criminal syndication.

Clearly, the effort to ‘exercise Godly dominion’ over society and American common law is a form of non violent means of insurrection, and therefore is the crime of Sedition. (See “Sedition” and ”Criminal Syndication” as defined in, “Webster’s Dictionary of Law” or “Black’s Law Dictionary.”) In my best estimation the majority of American voters would have trouble defining sedition, or explaining the concept of bills of attainder as they apply to American law.

The record of Faith Based Initiatives over the past Administration is at best dismal. Social Services, Science, Justice System programs, and Education has shown how totally incompetent and unprepared the Christian Right is to take over American society, education and culture. After all, they made the base of these services a duty of ”Homeland Security” which has become ‘home’ of Faith Based Initiative money.
(Nobody has documented the corruption of this system like the Oklahoma State Chapter members of Americans for the Separation of Church and State, and Arnold Hamilton, editor of ”The Oklahoma Observer.”)

It is clear from the public record the Attorney General and Legislators of Oklahoma are being motivated to violate provisions of the state Constitution to divert federal money to certain churches. Rep. Rebecca Hamilton, is on record for diverting with the A. G.’s help $100,000 to her ‘special church.’ (“Observer”)

To completely let the public understand the lack of respect for Constitional law, I urge readers to view the following video.

I assure you the message from these elected officials and intellectuals will let you know, first hand as Americans, why the Christian Nationalist movement toward legalism over liberty must be stopped.