I just found out from one of my activist contacts that all the charges against folks caught in the Illegal Roadblock I documented on You Tube were ‘mysteriously’ dropped.

Illegal Roadblocks.
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This was the short term goal I had in mind when I made the video. I held the town, and not just the Police in virtual Constitutional contempt of the law, with any justice device they intended to use against their Roadblock busts.

I do not separate politics from religion as an activist. I present Constitutional law in a manner privileged by those who know the Pythagorean applications of the text. The Preamble or really the first sentence of the Constitution is a Monadic sequence. Anyone familiar with the Chinese heuristic device, known as Ba Gua Science would recognize this sentence as like a Ba Gua sequence.

The validity of the sequence is also shown in the structure of the American Government into the Executive, Legislature, and Justice department. This is a trinity or triad needed to connect a Monadic Sequence to the structure of the Constitution. In Pythagorean science the Monadic force of the Constitution comes from the first sentence, which is aimed as the primary influence that provides the proper incentive for the enforcement of the mandates, for and against civil liberties and enumerated rights.

This knowledge enabled me to make a legal argument against illegal roadblocks, nobody could refuse to notice. I put the Constitutional mandates, with the Legislative, and Judicial decisions that reinforced the rights against pretentious roadblocks.

I regret to say there are rights we have lost, which I can also show with this method, that the laws protecting for instance, the right to own property without the government being able to seize it, by asset forfeiture, or eminent domain. There are others, and that is why I must produce at least nine other videos to expose rights, that need paid attention to.

The victory in Caddo for the Liberty Movement, is just the start. I hooked it to the Paul Jacob movement, and look at the times the videos were produced and you will see this video is about to do to the Attorney General of Oklahoma, what I did to Caddo.

I have until February to put together a Free Paul Jacob Rally, the next Free Paul Jacob Video will have some more celebrities you won’t want to miss.

Free Paul Jacob and the Oklahoma 3
You’re invited to view my shared video on YouTube at

Tom Saunders