Do not pray for gold and jade and precious things;

Pray that your children and all your grand children may be good.

Chinese Proverb

Go sweep out the chamber of your heart.
Make it ready to be the dwelling place of the Beloved.
When you depart out,
He will enter it.
In you,
void of yourself,
will He display His beauties.

The tavern-haunter wanders alone in a desolate place,
seeing the whole world as a mirage.

The tavern-haunter is a seeker of Unity,
a soul freed from the shackles of himself.

Through the chamber of the heart is small,
it’s large enough for the Lord of both worlds
to gladly make His home there.

The secret Rose garden

“The thing to do when you have made a mistake is not to give up doing
what you were doing and start something altogether new, but to start
over again with the thing you began badly and try, for the love of God,
to do it well.”

Thomas Merton