Valentinus: (100-180 C.E.) Gnostic teacher some believe is the writer or had a part in the writing of the Gnostic “Gospel of the Truth,” ”A Valentianian Exposition,” and others. Also formed secular Gnostic groups who’s written works are referred to as Valentinian. The ” A Valentinian Exposition,” explains in part the use of the ”monad.” (See; Sethian Monadology.)

Valentinian: A general reference to types of work which seem related, and to have other than Sethian roots. See; ”The Valentianian Exposition,” “Gospel of Truth,” “Tripartite Tractate,” others) References to Archons, Aeons, Demiurge, Logos and Autogenes are common to Valentinean works. However, Valentinian works are also related to Sethian ideas.