“Ideas and words are not the food of the intelligence, but truth. And
not an abstract truth that feeds the mind alone. The Truth that a
spiritual man seeks is the whole Truth, reality, existence and essence
together, something that can be embraced and loved, something that can
sustain the homage and the service of our actions: more than a thing:
persons, or a Person. Him above all Whose essence is to exist. God.

Christ, the Incarnate Word, is the Book of Life in Whom we read God.”

–Thomas Merton


What is the purpose of Dogma?

I think of it like this:

I can eat soup with a fork, but it is easier to use a spoon.

Just as soup eating is easier with a spoon, if I am painting my home with a brush
and I have no more to paint, I should put down my paint brush until I need to repaint.
There is no need to stir my tea with a paint brush.

I also mean someone else’s dogma….not just a “personal dogma.”

Take the Christian dogma, this dogma will allow a person to eat their soup with a spoon. To change their “mindset.”

In order that they may be awakened toward Gnosis….

“We see things as we are, not as they are.” –Gibran

Thus there is nothing wrong with religion per se, as it allows or as the word actually means, to bind or bring together;
it allows us to be brought together… to be a sheep, yes… so that one can grow toward Gnosis.

If you want to dance, it is far easier to get classes, than it is to simply watch a Madonna video.

Thus, personally, I feel it is problematic to simply disregard religion, as many “seekers” do….
there is nothing wrong with religion, unless you refuse to grow.



The fourth letter of the divine name represents Shekhinah, divine presence as it dwells in matter, the sparks of holy light scattered throughout the world. This final letter of God’s name has been separated from the three that precede it, wandering through an eternity of exile, just as we have been wanderers in that great and painful chasm that lies between revelation and redemption, between our first glimmer of Y-H-W-H and our ability to transform the world in the light of that vision. Our return home is the return of Holy One and Shekhinah to one another, the reunion of cosmic male and female, cosmic parent and cosmic child. It is also the rejoining of Y-H-W-H within to Y-H-W-H beyond, the reunion of Being-in-all-its-forms with Eyn Sof, the changeless One. Here, we proclaim that ‘beyond’ and ‘within’ are one, that the great unity is one with all and with each of us wandering sparks.

Home is Y-H-W-H, the beginning and the end of our journey. The One who has sent us forth on our way and the One we discover at the end of all our wanderings are truly one and the same. Only as we come home do we understand that every step of the journey had its special place and meaning, that our particular face of the One had to be encountered in just this way and no other.

Home is earth, the mother we abandoned so very many centuries ago. Homecoming is our return to our source within this world, to the great womb out of whom we are ever being born, the one to whom we ever return. Homecoming is the rejoining of matter and spirit, an understanding that this most primal of all separations stands as the cause of our alienation from ourselves, from the deepest roots of our own tradition, and from the earth that nurtures us. Our return is the great act of healing, one directed toward all of these at once: we must heal ourselves, for we are fragmented, we must heal our tradition, for it has been distorted, leading us to less than a full embrace of the One, we must heal the earth, restoring to her that which generations have plundered while there is yet time. The hour is late. Our homecoming takes place not a minute too soon.”

Arthur Green (Seek My Face)