Hilarious blog…

I have to add:


This weblog is dedicated to me, John McCunt, the presidential nominee 2008 for the Republicans, who called his wife Cindy McCain a cunt. Besides the fact that I am definetly a liar and tell different things each time I am a choleric person and therefore dangerous:

When asked why I called my wife Cindy a cunt in front of people during the campaign in 1992 I answered that it “it had been a long day”. Just imagine me being president of the US having a long day. I would probably start a new war every second day. Actually I like to call my wife a cunt since she is one. I wanted to have a new one but she has the money so what can I do?

So the world should pray that my sick mind will become the next president of the USA – though that the American people are very well known as the best examples for manipulatable morons in the world.




and factual!