“Our physical demand is great. We need a healthy body. We dealt so much in soulfulness, we forgot the holiness of the body. We neglected physical health and strength; we forgot that we have holy flesh, no less than holy spirit.”

– Avraham Kook (Orot)

“One whose heart, however, is aroused and whose mind is illuminated, lights up more than the sun and moon.
They light up more than sun and moon, and they spread the Call and the Scent in the world.
Daily disciples meet with such a one, receiving from them the Sign and ascend by that ones strength.
Because the strength of their Father (Life) is kept with them, and the word of their Father rests with such a one.
When their soul ascends the watchtowers do not subject them to inspection, and the planets do not speak to that one in judgment.
They are not transformed to the pathways of the obscene ones, and their eye does not behold the darkness.
They go forward on the way of the ones of established Righteousness, on which Habshabba walks.
They climb by hidden words, which darkness hid from the passing one.
They climb by secret Mystery, their form is hidden and kept before the worlds.
Blessed and again blessed, are those who separate from the world; they ascend and behold the place of light.”

–Mandaean (Secret teachings of Angelic Kings)