Again our illuminator speaks to his disciples:

Three images occur in the Elect person.

The first is the spiritual image, which is the New Man,

Which the Light Mind shall form in him. It enters into him and dwells in him.

The second image is the remnant and remainder of the New Man, which is the psychic image that is bound in the flesh like the Old Man…since the times of this psychic image.

The other one is the corporeal image (that is) added to them all.

–Kephalia Chapter 14 (Manichaean text)


“This One, I believe, is the only Being that ever was, is, or will be. It is the One that undergoes the only sacred drama that really matters: the bio-history of the universe. I believe that it does so as a conscious and willful Self. From those first seconds of existence, through the emergence of life in its earliest manifestations, and along every step, including the seeming stumblings, missteps, and blind alleys along the way of evolution, it is this single Being that is evolving, entering into each new life form, carrying within itself the memory of all of its past and striving ever onward toward its future. The evolutionary process is here to be re-visioned not as the struggle of creature against creature and species against species, but as the emergence of a single life-energy, a single cosmic Mind that uses the comparative adaptabilities of all the forms it enters as a means of going forward into richer and more diverse forms of life. The formless Self…..searches out endless forms, delighting to rediscover its own identity anew in each of them. This constant movement of the One, expansive in all directions at once, is at the same time directed movement, pointing toward the eventual emergence of a life form of fully realized self-consciousness. This Being, still in our evolutionary future, will fully know and realize the One that lives in all beings. This creature, the one in whom the self-knowledge of Being can be ultimately fulfilled, is thus the telos of existence.”

– Arthur Green (EHYEH: A Kabbalah for Tomorrow)