“The realm of angels is built upon a fundamental assumption: everything that exists is an expression of a life-giving force that is indescribable, unknowable, and boundless. Anything we try to think about with regard to this is, by definition, less than it. Comparing the thinking mind to Ein Sof (Boundlessness) is like comparing the width of a razor’s edge to the distance of a trillion light-years.

The mind, however, does experience each moment as it unfolds. It experiences reality in its own unique way, coloring incidents with its own conditioning, its predilections, its judgments, desires, dislikes, and so forth. Still we experience life as we see it, in a wide variety of happenings. When our minds try to explain how things happen and why things happen, we come up with many ideas. If an event goes beyond anything that fits our natural way of seeing things, we put it into a category of a miraculous happening.

Actually, a great deal of life is inexplicable, and small miracles abound. Life itself is a miracle. The ordinary happenings of everyday experience—our health, our relationships, our food, our shelter—these bundances are enrmous. Usually we do not fully recognize the nature of these small miracles until one of them disappears. Once gone, however, we suddenly realize how casual and nonchalant we are about the necessities of life that nurture us and protect us every day.

Ironically, most miracles work in hidden ways. When a fast-moving automobile has a front tire blow, for example, and we are fifty feet ahead of or behind that car as it swerves ut of control, this ‘near miss’ is a big miracle. Had we been alongside the car when it began to swerve out of control, anything could have happened. Do we notice that? Do we call it a miracle? Can we say our guardian angel was watching over us?

When the full airplane does not have engine failure, when the jammed holiday cruise ship stays steady in a storm, when the crowded building does not burst into flames, we think nothing of it. It is natural to assume things will go fine all the time. Only later might someone discover a loose fuel line that could easily have exploded in the airplane’s engine, or an almost-sheared pin on the engine shaft of the boat that if broken would have caused a dangerous loss of control in the storm or the leak in the gas main of the building discovered just in time—these are all miracles that go unnoticed.

We read in our daily newspapers or see on television all the times when there were no hidden miracles and tragedies resulted. But for every event in the news, there are unrecorded millions of potential events that never happen. When things go well, as they most often do, it is a powerful experience to consider our good fortune. When we do, we cannot help but be enormously grateful. In this gratitude, we automatically open our hearts and minds to the marvel of hidden blessings of both big and small miracles that fill our lives. This daily gratitude is a major step in connecting ourselves with the hidden, unknown realms of fate and fortune that continually play a dramatic role in our every lives.”

– David A. Cooper (Invoking Angels:

For Blessings, Protection, and Healing)