Self-sanctification, self-liberation, the path of healing, begins with your thought-life. Whoever is not able to begin with this has to wait until the consciousness has been drawn up from the liver-spleen system into the heart.

However, if you possess the new faculty and do not make use of it, you will ruin the process of your pupilship. Therefore, keep in mind the warning of the great ones: five minutes of ill-advised thinking – uncharitable thoughts full of criticism, envy, hate etc., undo the work of your pupilship.

This is why a practical redirection of thought is urgently necessary for all those who want to go the path. This is the intellectual education to which you need to submit in the Spiritual School. The way to self-liberation is purification of the thought-life; to think truly. Do see the significance of this, as your self-revolution should begin in this way. Whoever begins the purification of his thoughts begins to break the ties between the personality system and the lipika and, accordingly, the astral sphere. These ties makes us into harlequins [marionettes], as it were, because they induce us to act in accordance with the impulses emanating from the astral sphere. When one begins to change the mentality in the power of the Gnosis, then one is gradually freed from this fatal influence.

In the meantime the heart opens increasingly, you become alienated from the nature of death and its astral sphere and the gnostic forces enter your system in great waves. Your new faculty becomes more vigorous and through this self-sacrifice you transfigure your astral body quickly. Thus you are placed before a completely new beginning.

Now ask yourself once more: does the profound longing to approach the Gnosis, to enter the new life, really exist in me? Is this longing genuine? If your reply is a firm ”yes’, then you have already entered the new beginning and received the new faculty.

–Jan van Rijckenborgh