God judges us according to our deeds, not the coat that we wear: that Truth is above everything, but higher still is truthful living. Know that we attaineth God when we loveth, and only that victory endures in consequence of which no one is defeated.

–Sikh Prayer


“The neshamah, the Higher Self, becomes conscious of itself through an unfolding process. Since birth, this all-knowing essence has been buried deeply within. It is part of oneself that connects to God and that knows one’s true purpose on earth. Generally, neshamah does not make itself known until well into adulthood.

Much of the life cycle is a long incubation period of self study, examination of goals and purpose, hopes and dreams. Inside, pressure builds when something hidden within begins to burst its outer shell. Suddenly, amid violent contractions an essential transition occurs. Something is born and something dies. Painfully or ecstatically, new levels of being are touched. This metaphor of metamorphosis, the birth of the soul is what Jung called ‘the process of individuation’.”

– William Blank (Torah, Tarot & Tantra)


For the beginning of knowledge is to know self and self’s relationship to God! Then the relationship to the fellow man; then material knowledge to any entity, any soul, may become valuable, worth while, aggressive, advancing–success!

Edgar Cayce


The Savior said, “The lamp of the body is the mind. As long as what is within you is kept in order-that is, the soul-your bodies are enlightened. As long as your hearts are dark, your light which you expect, is far from you. I have called you to myself, since I am to depart, so that you may receive my word among yourselves. Look, I am sending it to you.”

–The dialogue of the savior (The Nag Hammadi scriptures, international edition)

A sincere man is not so much one who sees the truth and manifests it as he sees it, but one who loves the truth with pure love.

–Thomas Merton